The Dream Experiment: Dreaming Life Podcast Ep. 17

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The Erie Mansion Episode: Historically Haunted. We take the podcast on the road with us once more, this time to Clyde, NY, where Mark Wright runs a hotel style unique experience for visitors to feel what it’s like to live in the mansion that the townspeople all know is haunted. We have an in-depth conversation with Mark about the mansion and its history while getting to know him intimately just like all our guests. In answering the ten questions of the experiment we press on to find out what dreams are like for someone living in the haunted building for over a decade, while touching on the reasons why this podcast is important to all people who can benefit from being aware of what happens in dreams and what may happen when we pay attention. We clarify the typical questions visitors may have before staying at the Erie Mansion from the man himself, and we learn much more that isn’t easily available if researching prior to a trip. Deborah Miliotto joins the discussion and later has a strange feeling during the recording that she needs to share. The podcast begins with an intro clip of the song inspired by our trip entitled “Erie Mansion”, and the full song can be heard at the end of the episode.

With our thirteenth guest, I continue to explain what the experiment is, why it needs to exist, and how it is deliberately designed as open source data collection that can be hosted by anyone who wishes to continue the experiment with everyone they know, with the potential of making the experiment exponentially influential in scope, data, and value to everyone who participates.
You can be a guest on the podcast. You can have guests on the podcast by asking the 10 questions I've formulated for all dreamers and bring subconscious awareness into the cognitive mind. The result is the world gets to know you intimately, and you learn things about yourself that you had no idea you could uncover.
With creativity being the main focus of how this podcast comes into being, I write and record the music on the podcast and sometimes a creative collaboration is the intended bonus outcome of an episode with music written by a guest or guests. Through creativity, we attain the highest form of communication between us thereby giving creativity the highest currency value known, and this philosophy aligns perfectly with Steemit and blockchain technology.
The podcast is free to download on iTunes, but now that the content is on Steemit, you can interact closely with me while supporting the creation of future episodes by upvoting and curating the content yourselves. Stay tuned for more episodes and keep dreaming while bringing those dreams into your waking lives.
I look forward to the evolution of this podcast and what information it uncovers, and we have already changed the lives of many. For those of you that find it incredibly convenient to listen on a podcasts app through itunes, please do so and consider interacting with the Dreaming Life posts on Steemit as that is where my attention will be to grow the podcast on the platform.

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