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RE: Ein Mädchen from Die Jahreszeiten - Haydn

in #dsound4 years ago

What an adorable little piece! I’ll have to listen to some more of Haydn’s vocal works. Loved the arrangement, great job!


It is really a cute piece. The Seasons is also a great "oratorio", fun to play except it is a right pain in the @#$#@ for violins. You should check out the "Creation" as well!

I will do that! I’ll take a listen to them this week.

Not sure if you are using ginabot, but I nominated you for this game if you feel like playing.

I don’t know what a ginabot is! I’ll post one of these soon though!

@ginabot. Integrates with your discord to send you message when certain conditions are met. Like your account name is mentioned.

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