Emily's-Grave-(Ominous-Full-Moon-Edit.) LANDR Remastered

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

After long consideration, I have decided I would invest in LANDR remixing of my tracks, just to see how good it would sound. As I am a self-taught sound engineer, I did all the mastering on my "In Mourning" 2017 album myself, but I might have set the dB level a bit high, especially for listening with headphones. I was still very satisfied with the job I did then, enough to release the album, but now that I have the means and opportunity to give the tracks a makeover, why not? "In Mourning" was my first full length album and I am still learning how to work my DAW (Propellerhead's Reason) after almost ten years of using it, so I thought there's always room for improvement. Therefore, I will upload a newly remastered version of my tracks, one at a time, starting from the bottom up, as "Emily's Grave (Ominous Full Moon Edit.)" is the last track on the album. I'm doing this as a kind of "rewinding" the album, to illustrate my rolling it back to a new standard. To celebrate this occasion, I have decided to set the track as a FREE DOWNLOAD! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Whilst LANDR can do an OK job at making the tracks punch, there is nothing that can beat a professional mastering engineer. The benefits of a second set of ears is well worth the investment. (Of course Im biased, as its my job). But for a reference LANDR is alright.

I'm working on new material, I'll keep that in mind when I need mastering! ;)

for some reason this reminds me of Castlevania lol

Definitely worth the investment, it punches out more than the previous version :-)

I agree, I never would have thought that an AI could do such a good job. Robots will replace us all soon! lmao

yeah man it sounds great

Indeed! Those damn machines are getting smarter! Skynet will soon begin Judgment day rofl :D

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