Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 67 ] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" WE BACK!!! 白蚁.

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2019!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!! It's ON!!!

  • Play my beat below and record yourself doing your bars/freestyle/scratch/rap/song/verse/epic solo/whatever you feel over it! OPEN TO ALL!!!

Download link:


  • Use laptops/phones/home studio/cameras or anything you want to record it!
  • Post your entry below or post a link to your entry post.
  • 'Best' entry to the cypher gets the STEEM from this post!!!
  • You have until I switch the beat next Sunday!

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and enjoy.
白蚁. TERMITE. ( @termitemusic )

logo TERMITE.png

Hiphop heads and rappers, hit me up!!! TRIED AND TESTED!! BUILDING COMMUNITIES AND PRODUCING ALBUMS VIA STEEMIT!!!!!/@termitemusic

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


I was a bit ambitious here but I went for some doubletime flows at the same pace as the piano lol

Went for it and nailed it, I'd say! Yeah, Let's keep the jam goin' !!!



Termite 67 Willy G's ncredible rap Tyger Stripes mix

ok @scribblingwilly's version was so good i had to steal it and throw my backing vox on it ...

yeah, no kidding! That really tears up! Nice viz effects too! Hats off to both of you!


Checked out your post, cool!

I always appreciate your support my G!

you killn people again ken lol you know that really can bring down property prices ...

Look at it this way....cheaper rent!!! LMAO Thank you for your support @tygertyger

Piss in the reward pool! I'm just happy for the aesthetic experience the Worldwide Cypher Jam initiates ... Anyway, for more bad puns on the topic of rain on snow, read the post for the One Media® entry this week:

Well i'm late like the white rabbit. But don't care much about gold. Just care about flow. Though it aint perfectly perfect, i've a very important date for Cypher 68. So here's bars for 67 large: YARG!

Finally was able to get to this! Post coming soon!

Here is the Steemit! Post

Here is the whaleshares! Post

Oh yes! I got some spit for this one and all of the ones in 2019 well I am going to shoot for that anyways!!!


I got something for this bruv!

Got these one! Coming soon, One Love!

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