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RE: DSound v0.4.1: Update to HiveMind API and several bug fixes and much more to come!

in #dsound3 years ago
Selections do, indeed, begin to play instantly now, instead of having to wait a couple of minutes for the first notes to begin, so that is a big plus! However, there are still long pauses as "buffering" is performed. I just checked a song on Dsound, and it took about 60 seconds of elapsed time for 12 seconds of the song to load, with pauses every few seconds. That is much better performance than before, but still nowhere near a smooth experience as I get from Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Still, "BRAVO!" for taking another step forward! 💛

And hopefully, one day, "embedded audio" will work within posts on Steemit, as well! THANK YOU for your diligence and working towards improvements!

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