Shout Out To All Dsound Users

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

What's the story with Dsound?

I upload all my tracks. They work fine but once I try to log later to listen none of them work.!/@wallpaperflower

I know that some of us have been experiencing this on Dsound.

Maybe someone has some clarity on the subject?

I would really like to use Dsound as my portfolio rather than Soundcloud (that tries to make money off your music with advertisement & subscription packages).

Many Thanks :)



😃😎🕺✨ uhhhh thanks so much.... Pretty cool music, i was missing some music at home this morning and I have Susumu Yokota already burn out! 😂😂😂

Don't know why, i'm having so many problems to listen your tracks on Dsound. I just reached to listen the first one then, still loading and loading and not able to listen any more songs :(

yes don't know either. will do a bit of research into it ... thanks for letting me know @bigotemaifriend

😊 u very welcome 😊 i'll try next time with dsound to enjoy your music. Have a great weekend! 😉🍀

hopefully! :) I enjoy my weekend making music. hope you are having a good one!

Wow! That's so great, waiting to listen this new material 😃😃 i had a wedding... So today is a kind of zombie life 🙄😅😅😅

yes i know this zombie daze haha