"Transient Ways" Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R14 ~ Pump-up Music

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Here is my submission for Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R14 with the theme being Pump-up Music.

I had a few good choices for this but I decided to go with this one as I thought the others were quite broad and could be used in other future categories as well, whereas this song seemed to fit perfectly to this theme and not much else I could think of.
I think this would work really well as some pump-up music when you are going for a run. I know when I am looking for a good run song I like something that starts off somewhat subdued so I can jog a bit and get ready for the sprint once the beat hits!
This one has a really good build for situations like that [in the intro] and really doesn't let up until it's over haha so get ready for an exhausting run if you are going to be using this!

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You nailed it again :) - great work!! - I wish I could have some lessons from you for mixing and mastering - your sound is always perfect in my ears. I wanna koooowwwww! ;)) -- haha. Good luck with the contest! ..Cheers...

Thank you!
As far as mixing and mastering goes for me I honestly don't feel like I do a great deal, haha but maybe I do more than I think.
If I find a sound isn't mixing too well I will use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 on it and fiddle around with that until it is sounding right.
At some point during the arrangement of the song after I am satisfied with the number of instruments etc. I have, I will solo each track and make sure it isn't clipping and lower its volume appropriately.
It's nice to hear that you think my mix sounds good haha because that is always something I worry about because I really don't go too crazy with focusing on the mix.

Thank you for your reply! I think i make the mistakes with the volume - I always think it's not loud enough - I also use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 on almost each solo track - but my tunes still sound like mud most of the time - I hope one day I will find out what I am doing wrong - but for now I start to lower the volume and keep focus that it is not clipping.
I am always frustrated when I hear your sounds and then mine - haha - you are my role model for good sound now ;))

Awesome groove and high finesse for the details.
About to go into festival season here, this track comes at the perfect time. Amazing track dude <3 <3
Cya on the floor eventually ;)

Aye!!! Thank you for that!
This is more psy-trance I think which isn't a style I have done too much with but I really enjoyed doing this. I had another song like this that I made the same day but I can't find right now haha. If I ever do find it and post it on here I will be sure to let you know!

It definitely is, I was surprised. Mostly because it's totally my thing and the scene is rather small outside of europe. Just got back from my first psy festival this year and your track would fit into some of the daytime sets seamlessly.
It still works brilliantly too, I congratulate you to your most deserved win <3

Yesssssssssssss what an incredibly high-quality, theme-fitting entry.

Love the array of sounds you use to build up the mood. Absolutely love that one you start bringing in around 1:08 man that's an epic sound.

You take us on such a captivating journey with this one I am fully engulfed in your beat. What an incredible talent to be able to hook the listener and keep the ears intrigued throughout 4+ minutes.

You definitely did not disappoint with this one. O weeeee you have all the judges rocking.

Much love and respect.

Ayyye thank you! This is definitely a bit of a longer beat for me [I usually try to keep mine clocking in at 3:30 at the longest] and also a bit different style than I typically mess with so it's good to see people are digging it!

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Well done! Sounds like a lot of my favorites got together and threw some of their best stuff together!

You're welcome ... @d-vine and I would love to get you and your tunes on our podcast 'radio' show sometime ... Are you on Discord? Then there's the mic to set up so we can hear your story ...