ytcracker - whip it

in #dsound4 years ago

dicepticon and i are idiots once again

you ain’t bout that blockchain bitch so let me settle the scoooore
see a baron sailing on a yacht sipping ace of spades with crypto coooore
passport stamped in my tracksuit pants laying on my condo flooooor
traders speculators devs got haters banging on our matrix dooooor

im eternally worldwide i was tim berners-lee
you heard of me
in your turtle beach
code verbally with these firm beliefs
blessed with tokens that hacker moses
infect your system this hack entosis
all the closest nodes approach this
singularity pointed focus

meanwhile the dopest
decentralized guys rise the tide
im d10e a masterpiece
there ain’t no place i can hide
see me chilling at satoshi roundtable with a stable of crypto queens
while these witnesses do business with unfederated STEEM

straight netuoso who bless the tech
and keep the feds on disconnect
free ross ulbricht these visionaries
they fly canaries though warrants vary
im wary bout this game
they punish all my gang
snowden, are you open to some tokens
from the old biz?

whip it
whip it

hackers if youre bout that crypto let me see your haaaaaaands
holler if you transferred funds on the run to faraway distant laaaaaands
snap if the app engine bypass shenzhen great firewall baaaaaaaans
thank you to the true soldiers web point two bitch got the smartest faaaaaaans

still in my prime mersenne or proth
my keyboard a kalashnikov
my bash shell is straight maxwell
with haskell
coders in my simulation hack with the fury of a thousand suuuuuuuuns
if we ever need to hack the planet ill ask the army to get it doooooooone

some preach the gospel and freeze their nostril then cease
i teach the awful that the breach the console unleash them onto the streets
our currencies internally we paid each other with keys
and not powder ones the louder ones im talking about these powered ones

these browser funds in metamask i may amass more wealth
these whales around me they may allow me to keep a bit for myself
just buy today and don’t shy away from the game that mines for mine
im that proof of work i stay alert i leave them fakes behind

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Yes! Bud u sound like Yelawolf 😎 Track was sick, well done

i don’t know if nested replies notify but i replied to @chey

He kind of does.

yo aint that the GOLDENEYE beat? N64? Badass brethren!

i’ve heard that before but what’s even weirder is i think we independently jocked each other -
this song came out before yelawolf hit the majors i think i finished it end of 2009 or beginning of 2010

Dope .....The lyrics are killing. Gonna take this song with me in my ears everywhere I go


here is the instrumental, ill be posting more beats in the future..

All lyrics relative to the BLOCKCHAIN. This is wickked.

google bitcoin baron it’s probably my most famous anthem

I enjoyed listening to your piece of work. Thank you for that. You´ve got a new follower. Have a great time! Rolf from the Czech republic

Dude! I really dig the Nintendo core sounding beat!

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keepin on with them bangers

@adept showed me this mang

I got a verse for ya
"YtCrackr straight Flowin, make me Lollin, to the feds we trollin, cuz crypto people u cant control em!"

I aint stressin i just EOSin, and i aint confessin over instant messagin.

Saya kurang paham dengan ini.....🤔🤔🤔

i need this in my life

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love this <3 <3

Ronaldo is better than Messi😂😂

I like your post.Good...

very good...

Looks amazing

Salute from Bulgaria dude!
I'm a fan of yours since... idk... Since I heard your work 6 years ago. introducing neals and many others are on my playlist when I work and stream! And when i've heard that you mentioned Steem on this track I was like AWW SHIATH! I just wanted to say hello! Once again, Salute!

I will follow you to see your future posts!

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