Even though you chose better than making this about my role you didn't explain why it's so, because clearly economics 101 states DEMAND dictates MARKET VALUE, ergo: not enough "good" devs does nothing to explain or substantiate your very unconventional advice, or why a very limited supply of devs says anything about the demand and therefore about how much people are actually willing to pay "good" devs what they're asking for because otherwise it doesn't matter if only one "good" dev is all that exists, without the demand nobody will pay them ANY mind. Your quite unconventional and so far unfounded advice goes counter to what you remarked about the Austrian who got paid £160 simply because he was Austrian.

Why is it smart or wise to "Ask for Switzerland wages" as a developer and why would an employer risk their investment on overpriced employees when obviously the conventional option is to offer a competitive wage based on the local market?

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