Question#1: Ebay also provides EbayBucks and I can also get 1-2% cash back from Ebates, another 1-2% form Credit Cards, how do you plan to publicize @dstors superiority over these incentives.

Question#2: One of the reasons that Ebay monopolized the buy & sell is their market share, people get anything at bargain that they want, sell to the larger audience. However, they have big chunk of deductions on selling 10-11%. How you overcome limitation of choices compared to site like Ebay or Amazon?

Question#3: How do you plan to compete with decentralized project such as OpenBazar which already provide such service but does not provide reward.

Suggestions: Digital goods (e.g. Digital art posted on Steemit), arts (e.g. painted or printed arts, t-shirts) and crafts marketplace like Etsy would be interesting place to start. If you find a niche that is overlooked as a marketplace, it may see some traction since marketplace is too competitive. Moreover, looking into OpenBazar model would be helpful.

Thanks for the awesome questions!! Full upvote given!

  1. The 1-2% is actually a limitation of Ebaybucks. STORS tokens can be spent for STEEM upvotes or WLS Upshares. While current price of STEEM is low, the FIAT value of an upvote is small. However, we believe that STEEM price can soon exceed all time highs. This means that an upvote FIAT value could well exceed a mere 1-2% cash back. Also, can eBaybucks be sold and bought on an exchange like STORS tokens? No. STORS will be listed on the Bitshares Exchange. STORS tokens also carry a convertible option in that should dStors Inc. launch an ICO, the STORS tokens can be converted to ICO coins. Can one convert eBaybucks into Ebay equity shares? No.

  2. We are conducting surveys to best identify the most desired product categories within the millennial population. Why? Cryptos are heavily driven by the millennials. We will focus product category catering first to this group. Also, we believe the differentiated incentive model will help boost the traffic to; we will first start with the STEEM and WLS communities and then grow the merchant and seller populations through word of mouth, visibility campaigns and brand awareness.

  3. Our incentive model is heavily based on the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) principle. This is why the STORS token model which can be spent for lucrative upvotes and upshares is critical and thus differentiating. The reward theory has been proven many times in business models that it stokes the WIIFM to a much higher degree than without. Again, the fact that every STORS token carries a convertible option to trade for an ICO coin is powerfully aimed at the WIIFM. It's almost like having "Founders Options" to a startup company....priceless!

Remember that for eBay too, their very first product sold was a broken laser pointer. They too had a humble beginning.

Suggestions: Thank you and yes, we will definitely take them into consideration.

This is awesome! I see it says digital items here so can we sell our personal Steem Monster cards here? Silvershield Knight (777px, 10fps).gif

Absolutely! Please contact Kali Ju to hold early discussions on the store front setup requirements.

Awesome! Thank you!

First of all, I am a HUGE fan of this project. It is going to be a powerhouse in the worlds of crypto and eCommerce. Secondly, my question to ask is.. what is the long-term vision of dStors? What milestone(s) do you see yourselves reaching in 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road.
Third of all, I’m excited to be involved as an investor and a promoter as I highly believe in the concept as well as in the team’s talented execution 💯

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The vision of dStors Inc. is to match willing online sellers and buyers while rewarding through STORS token distribution. This way, dStors Inc. aims to significantly raise the value ceiling of online shopping by stoking the incentive model and intimately integrating blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies. To this end, traditional eCommerce channels have reached the limits of their potential and dStors was developed to enable people to "Monetize their Shopping".

Here are our goals to the first 5 years:

3 Year Goals: Era of being the First....

  • First to make dCommerce an everyday terminology that instantly connects to monetization of shopping.
  • First to brand "Monetize Your Shopping" motto and gain a top of mind awareness to online merchants and buyers.
  • Financial Target: Attain $1 to $10 Mil in sustainable monthly total transactions.
  • First for-profit corporation running on the Steem Blockchain to exceed $5 Mil in annual profits.
  • Deploy ICO plans (could happen much ahead of 3 years if financial goal attainments become accelerated.)

5 Year Goals: Global Footprint

  • Become a global powerhouse of dCommerce with 60% or more of total payments made with Cryptocurrencies!
  • Strong transaction presence each in USA, EU, China, Japan, Korea and ROW
  • Derive 65% of revenue outside of USA
  • Deliver $10 to $100 Mil per month in total transactions with no less than 6.5% in gross margins.
  • Champion cross boarder transfer of Cryptocurrencies with near zero cost to communities and countries in most need.
  • Simultaneous ICO and/or IPO considerations to be made for a potential to be first ever for-profit corporation to possess a hybrid shareholder value platform via Tokens and Equity shares.

Certainly, I have to appreciate this project. There are tremendous use cases of Steem Blockchain and you guys proved it.
I knew about Storiqa, an e-commerce based on Etherium. I am really excited to buy products on dstors.
I think it can act like eBay in decentralised world where shopping is going to be globalised.

Do you guys have guidelines on how to ship products across countries?

Or you can come up with 24×7 help to facilitate selling, buying and shipping as you have already solved transaction related problems.

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Hello @has-tag,
That's a good question to be included in the FAQ list. In the beginning, shipping will be managed by the seller. Post launch, new features of API integration of USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL will be on the upgrade list.

Thanks for your responsible reply. I hope you integrate those new features as soon as possible. Shipping is always a major concern for sellers like me and Amazon become no. 1 by just focusing on their GUI and delivery.

I wish dstors to bring revolution!

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Great job guys! Are you planning to include a referral program attached to dstors? 💯

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Yes, details for affiliate program for merchants will be released in January. It will only be for Merchant/seller referrals.

Love the question lol :D

Will the Dstors Homepage be available in different languages? And which countries are your main focused on to launch Dstors?

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On initial launch, it'll be in English. However, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages will be added subsequently.

Firstly I'm a fan of dStors and the concept of decentralizing e-commerce. My question is with regards to delivery of the products and the countries it will cater to. Best wishes & Thank you. Cheers.

Initially, delivery will involve sharing of tracking number to be posted. It will be between the seller and buyer to ensure the delivery and receipt. Post launch, additional features of API integration with FedEx, USPS and UPS can be made available to automate the shipment tracking. For instance, once shipment is delivered, the buyer and seller will receive a dStors email alerting the delivery completion.

Way back in July of 2018 - Adidas suffered a data breach, with millions of its customers' data was potentially at risk. How do you plan to overcome the problem of the data breach & providing security to customers data? Thanks.

First, we have the right people and experience to secure the data. Second, we will rely on current technology to enable against ddos attacks as well as server breaches. We may also consider the utilization and integration of Storj decentralized storage platforms for added barriers against breaches.

What will you do in terms of mediation if the buyer doesn't receive his item? Are you going to act as escrow? What other measures will you take to prevent abuse of your platform? With abuse, I mean people trying to scam.

dStors will help mediate but ultimately, the resolution must rely on the buyer and seller. For new, non-established sellers, dStors will have a requirement of payment hold-backs for as long as three days prior to release of funds. This will add a layer of time buffer to aid in resolving fraudulent or mistaken transactions. For transactions conducted in Steem/Sbd will employ an escrow feature as well.

We will also integrate the global blacklise API to minimize spam and fraudulent users. dStors will also have a reputation score derived from buyer feedbacks. This should help guide many buyers as well.

Future options will allow buyers to prevent certain low rep scored buyers from bidding or buying in their stores and this could help reduce conflicts.

The project continues to gain traction as it develops which is encouraging. My question would be how will you monetize the eCommerce activity in order to make the costs sustainable outside of the stake gained in Steem? How long will it take to become self sufficient from the eCommerce activity revenue instead of the revenues generated from Steem which could cause the project to sell Steem to pay for bill? Thanks for reaching out to the community to explain!

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Our business model will allow immediate accrual of revenue from the very first transaction. The seller of every transaction agrees to pay dStors a % fee of the final price. We will also recognize revenue from advertisement and insertion listing fees.

Our cost basis is lean and mean. We are not generating any revenue from Steem. We are raising delegations to provide upvotes purchased by holders of our STORS tokens.

How do you see dstors markets in country where crypto currency is not legal like India where government still try to regulate crypto currency ??. India having a good e commerce market can be boon to platform like @dstors.

Also , how a seller from India can be part of dstors ??

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IF use of cryptocurrency is illegal in a jurisdiction, then dStors will NOT break the law. But know this, dStors also accepts Visa and Paypal.

Hmmm this is what the best thing about @dstors open to all kind of transaction.
But building a market among non crypto favoring countries would be pretty challenging as jurisdiction will see them as crypto regulated platform rather than a normal e- commerce site

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Any IP address originating from a country where Cryptos are illegal will automatically have present only Visa and Paypal currency options for those.

technology is beautiful!

IF they use a VPN, that is not our issue.
Look how many US persons are trading on bitmex using vpn from canada! These fools however don't realize that should one hit a 1000x return giving 500 Bitcoins....they[ll never get it out because that's when Bitmex will me your ID and KYC!

Yes indeed , technology is quite beautiful. 👌 Creating a repo among people of such (non- crypto) mindset is quite challenging.

I am Pretty excited about @dstors and its launch time though. Would looking forward to participate in its growth by being part of it and also promoting among my circle👍 keen to join the platform as a seller for Indian artfacts and other products. ....
"building future together"👍

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Excellent post @dstors and like your most recent posts, this one was precise and comprehensive.

You have already answered my questions to my satisfaction but I want to ask again so that the public can benefit from reading your answers @kaliju @derangedvisions.

It might also help @share2steem since @algo.coder and @sebbbl recently had a falling out in regards to a similar controversy.

I appreciate all of you and I believe @share2steem can benefit from your Q&A's. Here are my questions:

  • What are your commitments to the Steem blockchain, how committed are you and why are you using other blockchains like Bitshares?

Thank you, all of you @dstors @share2steem @kaliju @derangedvisions @sebbbl @algo.coder.

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We want to collect questions that will be used in our FAQ, I'd prefer them to be directly related to service and not be of poetical/philosophical nature. What does share2steem have to do with this again? And I have already answered about commitment and WHY we're using an exchange for our token to you in another conversation, if you remember. I'm sorry, but there's a lot to focus on and these type of questions aren't helpful in any way and I personally find them irrelevant.

You answered my question and I was satisfied with your answer @dstors but I asked it here so it would be included in your FAQ.

I mentioned @share2steem to show that my question is relevant as other people like @sebbbl seem to be a bit hesitent with Steem Dapps using other blockchains.

If you think my question is irrelevant you can choose to not include it in your FAQ but I personally feel that the information you provided me with would benefit the public and all Steemians if you provided it for them too.

It looks like I wasted space in your comment section @dstors, sorry yet again.

You might not be following the Share2Steem events but Sebbbl was definitely NOT seeking the interests of Steemians, and still isn't.

I thought that his original posts was evidence that others in the Steem community were concerned about Steem based projects using other blockchains but recent events proved otherwise.

I will try to think of a good Question that you can include in your @dstors Dapp.

What kind of items will I be able to sell? How it's the procedure of buying and selling is there some sort of escrow on place? What's the advantages of Dstors from eBay and similar sites?

Pretty much any item can be sold in either fixed price or auction mode. The User Interface of the will be very intuitive and easy to use.

Yes, very similar to other online channels.

The advantage of dStors is that we incentivise both buyers and sellers by rewarding STORS tokens after each transaction. These tokens can be spent for upvotes on Steem or Whaleshares.

So, dStors is providing incentives post transaction while other online channels are not able to.

I have a few questions for this great project

1.Will there be a feature to add video to product postings?
2 . will we be able to embed products easily to a steemit post and have customers easily click and purchase basically without leaving the steemit website? ( thats a good question that could make the world of a difference:)

  1. Yes, videos will be able to be added to product listings but probably not until phase II launch.
  2. At first, all products will be listed on the and transactions will be completed on that site as well.

How much will be value of 1 dstors Token

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That will purely depend on the buyers and sellers and users of STORS token. It will be purely supply/demand driven.

However, roughly speaking since STEEM is currently $0.30; 1 STORS would be about $0.10
This goes to the 3 STORS for 1 STEEM delegation Round A.

Thanks for reply 😀.

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This looks awesome ...... Your post is the first I read of this and I can't wait to see the finished product. I am not sure if I have any questions. Any question I can think of is answered in your opening post.

I suppose I would like to know if their will be a rating system that allows users to upvote / downvote the rep of those we are buying from ? To further expand on that question will certain sellers be able to earn a " trusted Seller " badge or icon to further help buyers with our decisions on who we will purchase from ?

Yes, there will be a merchant and buyer rating system. This will be important to enable quick reference for users prior to making a transaction.

Excellent, I can't wait to use the service.

Can we also sell virtual products like books, educational contents, tutorials etc?

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Yes, digital products can be sold easily on

Excited and looking forward to utilise this project. This will surely be a hit!
Merry christmas:)

Let's make it happen!

Support 500 sp.
Thanks for your hardwork!

Thank you mighty for your delegations! We shall be good stewards.

Asking for feedback/questions is a great way to improve the project. Nice initiative!

I've asked my questions/suggestions already, so maybe I should look for new ones.

Please feel free to post any new questions!
Glad to have you in the delegator family!

Happy Holidays to you and family!

Had a question around Affiliate Marketing. How is dstors going about Affiliate Marketing Program? Any inputs will be much appreciated. Best wishes. Thank you.

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@yallapapi has joined dStors Inc. as head of Sales and Affiliate Programs. So, yes, more details to come!

Dear @dstors

Im following you almost since the very beginning and I must admit, that Im impressed with quality of your work and your focus on improving communication and building community around dStors.

I stronly believe one day I will use your example as a case study :) Definetly you got yourself valuable follower.

Have a great weekend ahead,

LOL! dStors would love to be a business case study! How Steem community transformation was launched by hosting entrepreneurs!

Again, big thx for being so responsive @dstors

Also please allow me to invite you to visit my latest post (my last one in 2018). Together with few friends we decided to organize small charity event "Santa Venezuela" and hopefully we can count on your help. There are many ways of helping our venture :)

Have a great Xmas :)

How soon can I start selling?

We are working hard to launch a version one of in January of 2019. More to come on this timeline!

Is the raccoon the official logo for dstors?🤔

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Nvm. I just cleared it up with another fellow steemian.

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I've been reading the white paper. Hopefully, I'll get a question or two :)

Are you guys sponsoring live streaming?

On the initial launch, most likely no. However, that is something to put on the list.

Interesting, thanks and yeah i will be glad to make videos for your platform or stream it live to make it more interesting.

That would be much appreciated!

How will dStors protect the users from fraud?

Please see responses made to @steevc and @gungunkrishu above.

1.Content and consistency are big for SEO. Where all your content is posted on steemit or steem peak how do you plan on doing seo for You will need organic traffic outside of steem, social, and paid.

  1. Will there be other funding other than delegation? Delegation doesn’t give you much working capital.

  2. After the funding round what is the benefit to delegate to @dstors?

sweet work everyone. I think you should create a bot that comments a few best selling items every time someone comments “!dstors wish list”

Looks like this post got deleted. I’m still interested in the answers? @dstors

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I really like this project and would like to know how to invest or take equity positions.

Perhaps there could be private funding or placement of investments?

@freedomshift, I tried looking for you on discord but couldn't find you. DM me when you get a chance.

I am freedomshift#9691

I do not check discord as often as I do though.

This post has received a 100.0 % upvote from @boomerang.

Will the website store anything on the blockchain?
What if we don't get SMTs I think it is a real possibility

The will be a domain based outside site with separate servers and database platform. It was the fastest path to a launch.

As revenue and profits accumulate, we will definitely consider becoming truly decentralized. To this right away would have made a January launch target impossible.

Oh, please don't misunderstand; STORS token is NOT an SMT. It's a token that is currently sitting dormant on the Bitshares Exchange. It will trade on this exchange as well. All holders will want to setup a Bitshares account to receive and store their STORS tokens.

Thank you for the response and I wish you tons of success!

I am excited and look forward to the project being implemented in this way. I hope that it keeps what it promises - it will definitely be there...

Just stay and wish me a Merry Christmas and good luck with the project next year.


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