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RE: The end.

in #dstors2 years ago (edited)

First, you have a few screws lose in your head! More importantly, you now boldly wear the mark of the thief on your forehead which EVERYONE can now see. How ashamed Hannah and your children must be to have a Thief as a husband and Father! You sold your conscience for a lousy 21,000 STEEM....sad.

Second, your post here completely fails to prove your innocence but rather enhances your guilt!

As long as you harbor funds that are not yours taken by forced account recovery without my consent, you remain a thief.

As I said, whatever word cocktail and baseless side and distracting allegations and arguments you make, NONE of that will erase the mark of a thief from your forehead!

Your thief mind is trying so hard to furtively and slyly mislead others away from the evidence of your crime...Thievery. Try hard as you want but you will fail.

Keep witnessing the delegations from @dstors spill outwards.

You cherry pick your copy paste of conversations....I have the full download of the discord channels; so keep trying in vain to mislead others away from the blatant evidence: YOU ARE A THIEF!!


... it is starting to look more like that - after reading his own account..