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RE: The end.

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DON'T be "Kali'd" = New Street Slang for getting thieved!
Were you "Kali'd"?; Dude, you just got "Kali'd"!!; Watch out, that dude's gonna "Kali" you!

Kali Ju, by force-recovering the account without my consent and NOT returning the funds, you became a THIEF.

Would @hannaju, your Wife, be truly proud to have a Thief as a husband? Would you be able to stand tall with heads up in honesty before your children?

It truly is "THE END" for dSTORS!! Very sad.....sad indeed.

One most important thing that a Man has is his NAME! Why? A Man's name shows how he lives. The name of @kaliju is now synonymous with thief. Me? I would die for my integrity and honor of my name.

It is now public. ALL knows of your embezzlement, how it took place and shown with irrefutable evidence. Thus, every additional post from you makes you look like the greater fool; every additional comment from you makes the name of Kali Ju synonymous with thief, one who's been so blatantly caught but denies and denies.

How bismirched the brand of dStors is, it now lies in the bottom of the cess pool of shame....and it was not I who went public regarding your was @practicalthoughts who knew what was right and that you Kali Ju were totally in the wrong.

YOUR ACTIONS alone brought down dStors!!
dSTORS now stands for: Distributed Sneaky Thiefs of Real Sins

You try so hard to throw word cocktail grenades to distract...but your attempts of sleight of hand will never wipe clean that mark of the THIEF that you have burnt onto your forehead. Your children will see that mark till the day you take your last breath.

Every time you attempt to deviate from the truth, that you stole through premeditation, that sign of the thief on your forehead will burn deeper. Go ahead...feel your forehead, it's right there on the center where the third eye is. When you feel it, it'll always be accompanied by a prick of guilt.

The brand of dStors is now in ruins because without integrity, no business succeeds and it was all YOUR doing.

PS: Here is the funny thing. You think you're in control of dStors but my side has the 70% majority control. Amazing how you think so tiny.