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RE: A Profit Vision for Steemians

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Fan of the project and already delegating 500SP but that 2020 doesn't really add to the seriousness here IMO :D it looks like some kids just playing around and throwing out numbers and graphs :D I know that you pointed out to not take it so too seriously and it's just a bold vision but I mean.. noone knows which of the platforms will "win the race". It's hard to say where STEEM will be in two years and here you're "estimating" all the other big players using "wizard ball" style :D post would be better without it IMO :) maybe at least different type of graph/table would be better...I feel it's just way too specific without actual need for it.

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Understood. But if we're going to aim high, let's aim highest. That was the message the post was trying to convey.

Yupp, as I've said I'm on the hype train with you guys:D just a minor point I thought to get across :)

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