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RE: A Profit Vision for Steemians

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This is a great concept and I love it from the perspective that we are a small independent art gallery; representing some 30+ artists who try to publicize and my own artwork which I am also trying to bring to the world on a greater scale.

I love the idea of something that has the potential to walk hand-in-hand with our ongoing efforts at having this blog in the cryptosphere; I also live the idea of being able to introduce some of our artists to a whole way of bringing their work to a potential world audience!

What I also really like about what you're doing is that you have an actual "for profit" business plan here, not just a handful of "magical beans" that might or might not become "something." I think if the crypto world is to be taken seriously on a large scale, we need to have actual economically functional business models.


Yeah magic beans are for suckers. 🤗

I think you've described an ideal dStors merchant!

Thanks! I'm going to keep an eye on what you guys develop here.

Whereas I have used eBay with moderate success for many years, part of my issue with them isn't so much that there's a final value fee, but that you're out a bunch of listing fees, even if your items don't sell. Whereas I recognize that may be part of a for-profit model, it discourages many from participating. In fact, I'd happily pay a higher FVF in exchange for not having a listing fee.

Of course, the idea of being rewarded for initiating commerce... rather than having to pay for it... is very appealing.

Interesting and thanks for your feedback. I believe listing fees kick in after a certain threshold of free listing or a certain number of images, etc.

eBay makes $500 Mil gross profit per month....there are hundreds of thousands, no, millions and millions of users who would find dStors incentivization appealing.

More to come!

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