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How do you see dstors markets in country where crypto currency is not legal like India where government still try to regulate crypto currency ??. India having a good e commerce market can be boon to platform like @dstors.

Also , how a seller from India can be part of dstors ??

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IF use of cryptocurrency is illegal in a jurisdiction, then dStors will NOT break the law. But know this, dStors also accepts Visa and Paypal.

Hmmm this is what the best thing about @dstors open to all kind of transaction.
But building a market among non crypto favoring countries would be pretty challenging as jurisdiction will see them as crypto regulated platform rather than a normal e- commerce site

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Any IP address originating from a country where Cryptos are illegal will automatically have present only Visa and Paypal currency options for those.

technology is beautiful!

IF they use a VPN, that is not our issue.
Look how many US persons are trading on bitmex using vpn from canada! These fools however don't realize that should one hit a 1000x return giving 500 Bitcoins....they[ll never get it out because that's when Bitmex will me your ID and KYC!

Yes indeed , technology is quite beautiful. 👌 Creating a repo among people of such (non- crypto) mindset is quite challenging.

I am Pretty excited about @dstors and its launch time though. Would looking forward to participate in its growth by being part of it and also promoting among my circle👍 keen to join the platform as a seller for Indian artfacts and other products. ....
"building future together"👍

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