DTaste | Free Account Creation now available | Thanks to the Onboarding API by oracle-D

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Hello steemians,

today i can announce, that DTaste successfully added the onboarding API by @oracle-D to allow new people to join the steem blockchain fast and for free.

This process was really easy to implement and i suggest more dapps to use this API, since it is really simple and could be a gamechanger for some dapps, for sure. :) Thanks for the opportunity, @oracle-d and also @wehmoen.
Without you, the whole tool never would have existed! Thats why 50% beneficiaries of this post are going to @wehmoen, we need more of those people who push steem forward. =)

Create an account

To create a account using DTaste, you only have to visit https://dtaste.io and click on "Register", then, you're already almost half done!

1.1. Enter a steem name, you want to have
1.2. Enter a valid e-mail
1.3. Write a little story, why you want to enter the steem ecosystem or dtaste
1.4. Click on submit and verify your email
1.5. Wait until you get approved.

Thats all there is to do. You don't need anything else than a e-mail account, a good story why you want to join and a unique account name. This allows people a easy onboarding now. New accounts are verified by me and the @steemkitchen moderation team, which allows a fast registration without a long waiting time.

Here is how the signup process looks on the site:


If you have any questions about the onboarding process, just leave a comment. I'm ready to help you guys out. :3

Have a nice day and refreshing week,



Amazing @immanuel94! Let's onboard more food bloggers on STEEM!!! :')

@the.foodini and @waybeyondpadthai, you guys might want to check out DTaste. :D

It's recipe though. I'm more like eating. Prolly more like @the.foodini kinda way. Thanks for mentioning!!! :)

Hey Mo, No problem. :)) Cheers for the love of food :D

[@PowerPaul:] Hey @Immanuel94! Awesome stuff you produce for our chain! I wish you a lot of success with DTaste, which i discovered today - for sure. I/we love to see, when people bring the power of our chain into the world! Your work, you, you are awesome! Thank you so much for your engagement!

We would like to get in touch with you. On one side we would like to write an article in a issue of our Community Transparent (you can check out our profile at @STEEMillu - we publish twice a week stuff about our blockchain and community for German-speaking readers. To say it in short terms: our main goal is to vitalize our chain and the community, because we see the worth in it).

I found you, because we are looking for partners for our new project to strengthen the chain/community - i can't say to much about it here in public, because at the moment we prepare everything and we want to launch this coordinated / with a big bang and try to avoid some info leaks.

Can we talk over Discord for example? I'm there with @PowerPaul.

Would be good if we can get in dialogue and create some synergy.


@immanuel94, Now this is awesome and in my opinion many were waiting for this and now it will be easy to expand the user base on Steem because now Steemians can invite more people because the Account Creation process is free. Keep up team and we need these kind of positive developments in rough phase.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh yes, missed the point brother. I thought it was completely new development which can create the Free Steem Accounts. Thank you so much for correcting me. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

@wehmoen, You are the part of Dtaste?

Ok. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

So amazing to see how this is growing and growing! By the way is great to see how collaboration is in the Steem Ecosystem the hidden value and how DApps are interacting to make this bigger.


Have been trying to create an account using the dtaste but am not getting it, if you can put me through I will be happy

Hey @dwayne16,

you can contact me directly using Discord: Abwasserrohr#0954 this way, i could help you directly. =)

Or just go to this site (https://dtaste.io/register), fill the form and confirm the e-mail. Then we're going to check if everything is ok. If you're approved, you get another e-mail to.

i'm certainly gonna check this out at some point.

Great News that Dtaste is also taking advantage of the account creation service.

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Great initiative, a much better way to onboard new users. The 2 to 4 weeks waiting via Steemit is not working for most people. I will spread this to my peers. Good luck.

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A whole new world just opened. This is wonderful. Kudos to all that worked to birth this initiative. I'll definitely stop by sometime.

Congratulations... Now I can see the post full of food.. And I love that.

Wow, so wonderful!
I love that.

interesting...isn't @fundicion doing something similar?

Really appreciated your support while integrating the API! Thanks. =)

Wow! What an amazing movement! It really helps the culinary lovers, the chefs and food bloggers to be onboard faster. I resteemed this post to reach more audience!

Congratulations DTaste, and all the team that has made this possible, we continue to grow in the community.

Saludos, mi pregunta es solo para comida?

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Yay! More good news to those who wish to be part of this amazing platform and DTaste makes it even more interesting with easy and free sign up. Definitely will spread the good news to others. Thank you DTaste!

Eating is one of the pleasures of life, sometimes I share some cooking videos, I hope to publish photographs with you. I'm going to post on the platform and share my experience on Steemit.