Draw This In Your Style Challenge 02 : Zhurdo The Sailor

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Greetings my fellow Steemians

Thanks to those who participated in the previous DTIYS Challenge which was a success on its own. I didn't expect such a good turn out guys I was surprised with your engagement. I thought that we could do another round so here is a drawing I made which will be the reference photo that you will recreate for DTIYS 2
Zhurdo The Sailor Dog

If you are looking for something to create and are lacking in motivation or inspiration then I challenge you to Draw This In Your Style. Go ahead and make your own version of this drawing. Use your own style of drawing as that is the beauty of this challenge.

Why not give it a try and show us your drawing. You may use the hash tag #dtiys so we can find them easily. Can't wait to see your entries.



Very funny, I like his expression! Thanks for sharing!

Sorry it took me longer to reply. Thank you for your encouragement and support I can see how you help and engage with our fellow Steemians. Kee it up

My entry

Hahaha this made me smiling look how cute he is

This is a beautiful picture of Zhurdo thanks for your support

This is the reason dtiys challenges are fun because I get to see different perspectives

Thank you leysa for your participation I am always happy seeing you grace my post.

I'm smiling from ear to ear... Isn't he interesting 🤣