Splinterlands on TV

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No, I'm not talking about the AMC thing that's coming up next year. I'm talking about Splinterlands on this episode that aired on RT. Here you can see Blockchain Founders Fund Partner Aly Madhavji bring up Splinterlands as a trusted authority on where gaming is heading. Personally, I'm excited for where 2020 takes this game. Toss some halvening gasoline on the Splinterlands fire that's already happening and I see a blockbuster in the making

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Go to @24:00 where they talk about Splinterlands! Great work tho guys that is great to see!!

Thanks. This is the most crucial info of this entire post.

Nice that's a pretty solid shout out!!
Go use that!

Splinterlands mentioned at 24:12 on dtube version. Resteemed to my 7700 followers!

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Congratulations team!

Imagine the press the first 6 figure card sale will bring :)

Would be so dope.......

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Boom! 2020 is the year for splinterlands 😎

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Wow awesome guys, well done, you're really starting to pick up attention with normies, that's brilliant. It's great when it isn't a paid-for plug of your product, that's how you know you're doing good work.

If anyone cares, they mention the game at around 24 mins in

hope exciting things in 2020 for sure 🍿

RT is on Steem so maybe you can make a interview with them :) Would be super cool to see @aggroed to talk about :D

Super cool man, full speed ahead for 2020!!

Congratulations, this is so bad azz. Splinterlands by far my best investment in Cryptocurrency space this year....
"In Monsters We Trust"

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What’s the time stamp for the mention?

Cool to see RT, which is pretty active here, actually providing a two way street to the ongoings of our chain. I may not always agree with them, but im more than willing to follow and read their news these days.

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That is great @aggroed!

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Congratulations and stay blessed brother.

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It is nice that it is mentioned in an investment/money segment of the show.

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