ScotTube - It's ALIVE!!!

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Well, it's been about 4 weeks since the announcement that D.Tube and Steem-Engine were teaming up. Now we're ready to roll.

D.Tube V0.9

In case you missed the post D.Tube has done a recent update. It included a couple pieces of major news.

They are creating their own blockchain.
They are double posting videos to their own blockchain and the Steem blockchain
They are allowing steem-engine tokens to power custom instance of we are calling ScotTube.

ScotTube is now live!

Starting today you can use your own Steem-Engine token to power your own custom instance of D.Tube.

I have done it personally once. Even as a non-coder it wasn't too bad to figure it all out and get my own video service up and running.

Bare minimum cost to get your own site powered by your own token up and running is 3100 ENG (100 burned to make a token, 1000 burned to make it stakable, 1000 paid for scotbot, 1000 paid to setup ScotTube). Honestly, the services that we offer you can't find anywhere else and the prices that we're currently offering them at are an insane value.

What will it look like?

How to Start?

Get a token (100 ENG).
You'll have to enable staking (1000 ENG burn)
Setup Scotbot (1000 ENG) If you need help with the settings
Send 1000 ENG to @steem-eng with the name of your token/tribe and "ScotTube"

DM aggroed in discord, add me as a friend. We'll get the ball rolling.

You'll need a github page, a logo, and a domain you've purchased. Ideally we're able to get it all up and running in a day. If you're a non-dev it might take longer. @heimindanger will publish a tutorial on how to set it up yourself and configure it.


Wow we could run our own Tube with the token! This is pretty amazing and yeah I have a token and wanna stake, then go for it! Will take time, but I will add this feature with my token!


@Aggroed, This is amazing. All I can say is WoW!

I though the progress thus far was outstanding but you just one upped yourself sir, Congratulations!

Bad. Ass.

DTube crushing the game right now. Stoked to feel so positive about a project.... and loving that yall beat Steemit Inc to add the necessary value to their own blockchain. DTC + PAL are the only two things to be optimistic about post fork.

Agreed! Super. Bad. Assed...

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This type has navigated right into my heart. Resteem for your content!!!

Keep Steeming, Steaming, whatever...

Great job people, thank you for keeping Steem(it) alive with initiatives like this.

I'm afraid to click on this link. Tell me what is there?

Well, it’s basically a STEEM price chart that demonstrates that none of these shittokens, the shittoken exchange, or any of the Steemit clone interfaces have had any impact on investor interest or the amount of fucks given by anyone outside of a subset of Steem users.

I think this may be proof that the entire “SMT” concept is a waste of resources. Nobody appears to want STEEM. Why would they want useless tokens created on top of the Steem blockchain?

LOL!!! exactly!!!

So tell me, wy are you here then?

Why am I where?

Thank you. That is language I can understand. I am not "techy." I am "farmy" and I do not want to be "techy." I am also "chatty" and "writey" so I liked having a blog where I could earn crypto. Been a fish outta water since I got here, everyone is so into the "techy" thing. Read over and over how "facebook users" were not even welcome here, that made me feel... unwelcome. Been hanging in there, hoping all these "techy" folks would make steem into the awesome platform I always believed it could be... and wondering if it was just me that felt like they were screwin' the pooch. Want to fix steem? Welcome facebook users. That is the market waiting to be tapped. "Average Joe" is crypto-curious now, could have been brought on by the thousands if marketed to rather than snubbed. Oh! And looky there! Mark Zuckerfucker agrees, and is now tapping that market.
I have never powered down, but I am seriously considering it before I get hard f#!ked again.

You forgot one more thing. You need an IPFS node for the users to upload the videos to. Don't rely on DTube's official upload servers for your own ScotTube

Does it even need to be decentralized? How about just aws?

The whole point of DTube is decentralization, where the users are responsible for video hosting, not DTube team themselves.

That's Amazing!

now this is amazing ! cheers for making it happen. @aggroed, i would like to know if its possible to have ads revenue on this with it implemented?

That's awesome. I know that steem blockchain accepts multiple tags, it will be great if you can promote the front ends to facilitate an option to add more than 5 tags in a post.

Some do now. Steempeak does, and I think Busy does also.

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i have strong faith bro

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Good idea! I'm gonna do the same thing so let's do it together, okay?

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Full speed ahead for aggroed and team

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That's amazing !
Also it will be good if steem add more than 5 tags.

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custom instance can someone specify this term? Is it possible to store videos forever on dtube if I purchase a certain amount of ENG? i also cant find infos about scotbot or custom instance on the steem engine faq site.

I really do not have time to follow all the innovations. You are the best!!!

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Youtube you are not alone ;)

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I can't wait to start producing videos for Splinterlands. When is the SplinterTube coming?

It's here


Seen it.

The Crypto Dwarf and Flauwy are already preparing themselves...

Full speed ahead for aggroed and team. Nice work!

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Working together by DTube and Steem Engine is great for the Whole Ecosystem. We all need to work together to make it a success.... 🙏🏽 👍🏽

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@aggroed, One more awesome development and one more aspect is added to these excited times. Stay blessed.

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So many exciting things going on around here!

Interesante i nformacion muchas gracias

Can't wait to get this all figured out

Amazing, this way we can attract niche communities to steem!!

Didn't already have a websites? So, two blockchains. Sadly, Dlive went to Lino but probably could have posted videos to two blockchains, Steem and Lino. So, are you saying Dtube is powered by Steem and Scottube is powered by or is a new blockchain network? If so, then that's good, I hope.

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Maybe I'm really unimaginitive, however I can't for the life of me work out why someone would want to start their own instance of ScotTube.

Oh well, hope it works and is successful, whatever success is...


waaaw it's Amazing Bro,.

You make me moist

Great work guys! Your vision for one community - multiple interfaces is shaping up Aggroed!


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Pretty cool stuff.

Wow. Well done!

C'mon man! ...that's it? We taking the blockchain ecosystem mass adoption and nothing can stop it! This development proves it beyond any shadow of doubt or any controversy... Ain't NO maybe so! Ain't NO thinking about it! All that said, are you in the SteemArmy? ...GO HARD FULL CHARGE STEEMING TO AMAZING SUCCESS!

I didn't have anything more to say. ;)

I feel you...

I'm that way at the blogging platform sometimes. I'm not apologizing or anything. I just like engaging with people.

I'm in therapy for BOTOSIS. So I am brain blogging my way out of it.

It's my SOS to the distantsignal of the STEEM blockchain... Can you hear me now? I am still here after the BOTASTROPHY!

Good shout out my friend... I am glad for Scottube... Be well and STEEM ON!

Dtube is getting bigger right now. ScotTube is a good idea to make many power

Awesome, would love to be able to include more tags as some others have echoed. 10 tags should be sufficient that way rewards can be attained but also allowing folks to include relevant tags in their posts so others can find them.

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This advertisement post is spam and shouldn't be in my feed. I don't follow you, and this isn't an important site-wide announcement.

... then you shouldn't be using as your interface. is the only one of the many Steem front ends that has this as a featured post. Have you checked out

It seems that Dtube is growing rapidly and i wish we will be able to stream live through it.


Slow down man, my heart can't take any more excitement on here !! Again, seriously brilliant and thank-you :-)

Great news and fantastic work. Definitely a step ahead.

This centralization is not working, my post did not show up today, and I don’t even know why. It shows from my computer, but not from the outside world.???!!

I checked the cache with brand new browser on two different computers? Are you trying to trick me now!???!!

@aggroad how come my 1/24 hour post did not show up. Can you please remove my block, I think you blocked the wrong person. I am not going to flag people on Palnet, or threaten anyone, or anything????? This is just getting ridiculous, go look at what they do to my posts on steemit????
still nothing??