Drug Deal, or Atomic Swap?

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Trading privately goes back thousands of years. Originally, no central authorities were between the buyer and seller.

Today however, most people have been indoctrinated to believe that a beast needs to reside between you and your buyer. You need their regulations, their permission, and licensing to sell anything. Plants, cars, birdhouses, or blockchain tokens.

Trying to fight it, or vote it out is obviously fruitless. The right votes for their guy, the left votes for their guy, the result is a bigger beast. Many alternatives have popped up however, which enable you to simply step around said beast.

BiTSy - Forget Cash. Go Crypto.

The BiTSy app enables:

  1. True peer-to-peer (P2P), fully-confirmed 3-second transactions
  2. Thousands of coins natively supported
  3. Use of a decentralized exchange (DEx) when desired
  4. The ability to locate trading friends, also known as "Tellers"
  5. A searchable map of all the crypto-accepting Merchants in your area who want your crypto and want to reward you for being their customer (with discounts, Loyalty Points, etc). Merchants use a Dapp known as PalmPay (www.PalmPay.io).
  6. Search, Filter and Export tools
  7. Day/Night Modes, account privacy, blockchain network fee of only ~1cent, 104 languages, and fully confirmed transactions of 3 seconds or less.

Trading privately also eliminates the need for centralised exchanges (CEx), KYC/AML and Bridges. The Buyer and Seller agree on a price and make the trade. Anything can be traded for crypto, not just cash, but fruits/veggies, a service of some sort, or even a rent receipt.

PalmPay enables any business to accept one or more cryptocurrencies at zero cost. With the BiTSy wallet, you can easily locate those merchants and help grow your local economy at the same time.

The beauty of true free-markets means that you can privately trade whatever you want, with whomever you want, no permission needed.

For more info, join one of our Agorists groups and we can connect you..

BiTSy wallet/map app:

▶️ DTube

Hmm, Dtube is a bit weird. Instead of posting the video to Steemit, it takes you away from Steemit t watch the vid. Let's try the YT version here:

I've been meaning to try these apps for a while now. I finally downloaded now. Time to spread the counter economy.

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aaaah, you sound like you know of SEK3's work. thank you @wdougwatson! :)

I'm guessing if SEK3 wrote it, I have read it.

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