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I decided to do this video to help people that I recently brought into steemit. If you already know about witness, steem power delegation and transacting on the steemit platform then this video isn't for you. This video is for the complete noob that has earned a little bit of steem dollars and can't figure out what to do with them.

This video might create more questions than answers but I feel that I have to start somewhere. The first three minutes of the video are more of an intro/sidebar so you can skip to the actual content if you want.

Here is the YouTube Video for those that can't play on DTube

Reference Post:
Author: @steemitguide
Post: What is a Witness and Why You Should Vote

Author: @liberosist
Post: A Brief Guide to Delegating Steem Power

Author: @mrviquez
Post: Mr. Viquez Witness Support for block-buster

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Thanks fam needed this info really helped me to understand my power within the platform a bit more also good to see another person from the "D"

Yea I'm in Washington D.C right now but Detroit is going to always be a part of me. Let me know if you have any questions. I want people to understand as much as possible so they can be successful on this platform!!

thanks for the its now much clear but anotherpart that people would like to know is how the rewards are split.

So you have 3 options when you create a post. You can do 50/50, 100% power up or decline payout.

From what I've seen the 50/50 is more like 75/25 where 75% goes to SBD and the 25% goes to your steem power.

If you are asking about the curation rewards check out this post.

The dollar figure you see at the bottom of your post or comment is not the amount of your payout. You, as the author, are guaranteed at least 75% of the total. As much as 25% goes to the curators (users who upvoted your post). In this instance, you received $7.80 and the curators received $2.20.

thank you so much you have really save me i was checking out the reward split and it didn't make sense and now that you have explained it clearly its much clear that using a bot is profitable with the rewards at 75/25

Thanks for this video. I'm new to steem and this is helping me understand how everything within the economy functions. I have given you a follow so I can stay up to date. Hopefully you will continue making these videos for us to learn from.

I'm glad you're here. Yea it can be overwhelming and hard to understand. I'm trying to on board some people so this will help them understand more.

Some good info bro...i've gotten a number of folks to join recently also so i'll ReSteem...this should give em some guidance

Yea I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone. I was going to do this video anyway so I figured I would add it to DTube.

Good way to teach the noobs! :D

Yea and I got a lot of them!! Every 10 seconds someone is asking me a question. Now I'm going to be like "Did you watch my video?" 😂

I don't know if someone out there would agree with me, that steemit is about looking back, bringing people in and dragging them along. Thanks for this video. I believe not only me, others maybe few have been able to benefit a great deal form this, more are still coming. Its an EXPOSEE! Thanks a lot @alao, God bless you. Keep the good work.

Yea but it's hard to bring people in because they think it is a money grab. I've been on here for almost two years and none of it happens overnight. If anything I'm replacing my social media with steemit. I really only use twitter to get a feel for the markets. Steemit is where I go to express myself.

I strongly think for those of us who has found faith in steemit, our social media platforms are partially on break. Come to think of it @alao, you post something interesting on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and others the most you get is likes and a few reasonable comments and more annoying ones, benefiting nothing at the end of the day. But on steemit every reasonable and sensible post, contributions, comments are rewarded not just in steem but also in kind and encouraging word that will lift and boost your morale. I think steemit is the way to go. Bring your thoughts and get paid! Its what i tell people when i tell them to join the people's paying community.

Every newbie needs to have a look at this video, even before they start posting. It's vital for everyone to completely (or partially) understand how this platform works. It's 10x easier to get the ball rolling. Good job @alao!

Thanks. I know it's long but I'm trying to cover a lot of information.

Thank you for the information a lot of my questions have been answered. I'll definitely look into witnesses as well!

This is definitely one of the better explanations of witnesses that I've seen. Its a really difficult concept to grasp I think honestly, and seeing multiple people explain it is usually the best way for me to learn.

Unfortunitely discussing politics is kind of asking to get flagged. That's kinda the way it is.

thank you, your post

Thanks very much for the video sir

For Newcomer like me is this perfekt, thanks for your work.