ALT.Life featuring DTube.Forum & the Homesteaders Co-op - Thursday 14 March 2019 [recording]

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The ALT.Life show was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 14 March 2019.

ALT.Life is a reincarnation of The Alternative Show that ran on MSP Waves for much of 2018.

ALT.Life is focusing on steemians and steem communities that have elements of an alternative lifestyle.

This show featured the @homesteaderscoop community.

The people speaking on the show were...

The show was hosted by @pennsif.

This recording is also available on YouTube

[ graphics from @pennsif // music from @davidfar ]

▶️ DTube

Thank you so much for sharing your time and space with us @pennsif! I really enjoyed the show and I am glad to reach a new audience with our message :) Thank you for all the great work you are doing for the steem communities and the steem homesteaders and alt life projects!

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