Steemians,we need your help ...

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Good day Steemians, hope you are doing great. This post is going to be a bit different and we need all your help, really...

It was extremely hot in Kerala, India, where i hail from, few months ago, record high at 40 degree C, no water.. and everyone prayed for a little rain. It rained and everyone jumped with joy celebrating it and saving us all the scorching heat. And then it started raining more and more...Well yeah, it rains in rainy season. duh!

But it continued, non stop, drowning the whole state,literally with the worst and most deadly flood in over a century, . Close to 400 accounted deaths, millions displaced and homeless. Accounted losses, damage in property over USD $3 Billion ( INR 20,000 crore) in less than a week.

The video of the landslide that you see above was forwarded by one of my friends and happened near to my village, our families have been directly affected and we need your help.

▶️ DTube

95% of the payout of this post will be donated to the CM relief fund, peeps it doesn't cost you anything to upvote.

Kindly jump to 05.35 in the video above...

Cochin International Airport, services have been halted till Aug 29 due to flood.

I also urge everyone to atleast donate $5 i.e. ~ INR 300/- via Kerala CM Relief Fund Portal Kindly spare a starbucks coffee to help out those in need. As i mentioned our families have been directly affected.


@amreshchandra I sent 10 steem to this account last night. This morning I got a message from a woman saying,

Hi! I noticed you sent 10 Steem to still-observer. Please don't send any amount to him again because he was caught plagiarizing photos earlier this month, and changed into his account to look like a "Whale Trail Team" bid bot. Besides, he only has 125.202 SP which means his vote has very little value (or nothing at all).

Looks like I’ve been had. I’d like other to not suffer the same fate of thieves like this if it can be helped.


I dont use still-observer mate. Thanks for informing though...

I have donated to cm relief fund ...god bless Kerala and may this post get highest payout of this trending page.

Appreciate it bro thanks for the donate and votes...Things are getting better now :)

@amreshchandra already donated through my bank to direct relief fund also upvoted here. Keep doing good work friend.

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Hey man, appreciate it. Thanks for your contribution :)

It was a huge disaster, may the things recover quickly.
Donated through Paytm..
Upvoted here.

Thanks for this post brother for awareness to help Kerala.
Already I had a small amount donated to chief minister relief fund

Thanks brother for you support

God bless kerala!

Thanks bro kindly donate. Every drop counts...

Upvoted. Already donate our one day
salary to Relief fund. God Bless Kerala. Thanks for such a novel work.

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Great brother, thanks for your support too. 😊

I belong to film industry in mujhe. We have collected some fund and already sent to red cross. Hope Kerala will rise soon.

Hi @roushanrj thanks for your support. Pls do send regards to all there..

Btw are you part of any ongoing projects in film?

Very good articles..........
I also wrote about this.
Thank you...

I also donated through Paytm wallet.

Many thanks brother

GOD bless kerela ,my brother.I am from kashmir ,i can feel the sufferings of people living in kerala .i upvoted your post but my power is very less.still i would like to make donations in every possible way.Keep up your good work for the people living in kerala . God bless you. @amreshchandra

Thanks bhai, things are getting better here. Hope alls good in Kashmir too brother

everything gone be fine soon

Just like the Philippines...

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Hope you are coping well...

Every upvote counts, so here's mine :) God bless people there!

Thanks for your support🙏

god bless kerela we all are contributed to u ....
Specially in our collage we were descided to not celebrate the teachers day....we all were descided instint of celebration teacher day we all contribute that much money and we all gave to the kerela government...

Much love man...where do you study?

Metas of SDA school ranchi jharkhand

Sent you an upvote @amreshchandra. Thanks for your effort to help out the people of Kerala affected by the floods. God bless you tremendously!

Thanks bro for your kind words. Trying to do my part..If you could pls help too...

Pics are really very scarring ,I have donated with my daughter's school relief campaign for kerala.

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Many thanks bro🙏

So sorry... The effects of flooding are terrible. God keep you and Kerala

Flooded for over 2 weeks now getting better..thanks for your prayers...

Oh I'll surely try to donate by my side;

I have donated to Paytm Donation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks bro @grv6124. Appreciate it. Keep us in your prayers...

may god bless and everything gone be fine soon :)

Things are getting better mate..

Yeah bro god is not heartless

I really so sorry for this nightmare! We have in Venezuela too much rain and some rivers are changing too., but there is worst. Sorry friend, I hope the world have a compassion and make a help for everybody that are suffering the weather changes!. So sad.

sorry to hear that too @elvita...Hope things will get better with time..Thanks for your prayers and will keep you all in our prayers too...

I have seen the news on TV.I really feel sorry you.I hope you will recover soon from this disaster.My best wishes for the people of Kerala.

Thanks for the prayers man...

In shaa Allah

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Yes we all can support human during bad times and I Am this little hell will create wonders for them

Hey thanks @online87700. THanks for the prayers..

Good work sir... Me too have posted about kerala flood ......

Thanks bro. Keep us in your prayers

Here's an upvote and a resteem.

thanks brother

Have you tried Fundition to get fund?

Im not aware of Fundition. I will take a look at it. Thanks for dropping by...

may God see kerala through amen.

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Thanks for the prayers...

GOD BLESS KERALA. we hope that people can recover fast from their loss, what a calamity!

Thanks for the prayers bro

Hold on! We are with you!

Hard times mate...Keep us in your prayers..


the worst situtaion that the south is going through.
Need prayer and financial support.
Support kerala.

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Getting better mate, rebuilding process going on now..

Omg, hope you will recover fast ...

You are very kind hearted person. Thanks for your social works we all Indians together to help kerala

Thanks bro for your kind words :)

God bless all.. metta <3 re-steemed your post to help them..

It was very painful moment..
That people of kerela were surviving so hard
But there were lots of kind hearted people exists for example reonardo messi donated 77 crores and there were many more...

I didnt know Messi and Ronlado donated..How true is the source?

ohh but i thought it was real

That was sad to hear. God bless your people and your country.

Keep us in your prayers @lisaocampo...

It is a great job for helping Kerala´s People. In Venezuela, my country is happing a similar situation about rain. A lot of people has lost their houses.

Sorry to hear that @ymherro. Our situation is getting better hope the situation there is getting better too...

God Bless Kerala, India!!

You will get a definitive up-vote from me. I will pray for the safety and recovery of homes and property for these people. May God bless them with more that they have lost during this terrible times.

Nice article.!👍👍👍👏👏👏

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