[Video Tutorial] How To Make Fresh Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut Fruit

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To make coconut milk from fresh coconuts, it takes time. Starting from removing coconut meat from coconut shells, to making coconut meat into coconut flakes.


But this time I will show you how to make coconut milk in a modern way, not using traditional tools.

I use a blender to turn coconut meat into coconut flakes and save time to produce coconut milk compared to using a traditional coconut grater.

How to make coconut milk in full step, please watch my video.

Enjoy My Video and Have A Great Day!


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Thank you for the interesting post!

Gak perlu gula pasti udah manis ni..hehe

Excellent, I love this fruit milk.

Great! It is a plant-based milk. Healthy thing

Santan memang sangat dibutuhkan untuk membuat kue-kue dan aneka masakan.
Postingan kreatif @anggreklestari 👍😊

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