My 2017: Just a normal day - CONTEST: 250 Steem in Prizes!

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One year is made of 365 days and let´s face it, most of those days are normal days. We wake up with our family, we go to work, we meet our friends, do some chores and then head back home to spend time with our loved ones.

During the week we have normal days in our lives. These days for us, sometimes they may seem boring or part of a routine but have you ever wondered how different it is a normal day in Nigeria compared to a normal day in Venezuela? Do you know how people get to work in the US compared to how people drive home in Europe? I´m sure the food Steemians eat in Thailand is very different than the food in Russia...

And that is exactly what this contest is about

Show other Steemians how a normal day in 2017 was for you. You can include whatever you want from your day. Today is monday so you have all the week to prepare your post. Show us what you eat for breakfast, the route you take to get to work, what do you do in you job, the challenges you face everyday, but most importantly show us...

Just a normal day in 2017

This time we have some rules to participate in the contest, why? Because this contest is very visual, so a DTube video fits perfectly to portray a normal day in your life, take some photos and videos with your cellphone and make a video!

Believe me, it is very easy and it will take you only 15 minutes, don´t get sad or disappointed, this is your chance to learn to make videos for your posts!! This means more rewards in the future! What better way to learn to upload a video than to participate in a contest and maybe win some steem!?

The rules to win the prize are these:

  • It has to be a video uploaded to DTube.
  • You don´t have to appear in the video if you don´t want to, but your normal day must be in the video.
  • There is no minimum time but it can´t be longer than 3-4 minutes (the judges have to watch a lot)
  • You have to Resteem this post (Let´s get to more Steemians! I want to know how is a normal day all over the world, don´t you?)
  • Please use the tags dtube & my2017 and any other tags you want to use.

The entry must be submitted before Sunday the 24th of December at 14:00 UTC and the winners will be announced on the 25th or 26th, depending on the judges... It is going to be Christmas so we cant pressure them to choose, we will all be very busy during those days.

But wait Eric, I don´t know how to make a video!

Of course I´m not expecting a profesional video! You don´t need to add music or edit something as if you are a pro. All you need to do is take some videos with you cellphone and then paste them together by doing this:

Step one: Download Filmora wondershare for Windows or Mac. It is free and very easy to use! If you don´t have a PC you can get the app called Filmora Go for iPhone and Android, just search it in the Play store/App store.

Filmora for PC or Mac

Step two:

Step three: Upload to DTube!

Wait wait, I don´t know how to upload a video to DTube!

Well, lucky for you I already did it before so here is a step by step process:

Step one: Go to the DTube website and on the right upper zone click Login. You will need your steemit username and posting key.

Step two: Next to you username in the upper right side of the screen you will see an arrow pointing up, that is the upload logo, click it.

Step three: Drop or select the video you made using Filmora

Step Four: Wait for the video to upload (*) and then while the video is uploading, take a snap (right next to the red square marked with an arrow). This snap will be the cover of your video, so chose wisely. Click Take snap when the video is exactly where you want the front image to be.

Step Five: Click on advanced. In here you will be able to put:

  • Title: My 2017: Justa a normal day - Whatever you want to add to the title.
  • Description: In here you can put a short description for the video, it will not appear on steemit, only on DTube.
  • Tags: You have to use the tags dtube my2017 and whatever other tags you want.
  • Steem article body: This is where you will write everything you usually write on Steemit, this is the body of your article. In here you can write whatever you want to give more flavour to your video. For example, I would describe every step of my day that appears on the video.

Step Six: Click on Upload snap and choose the snap you just took, it will be on your files. Then click on Submit and you are done! You just submitted your entry for the contest!

If you find it very hard to do the video edition, you can upload all the separate videos (when you have breakfast, when you go to work, when you play with your dogs etc) one by one in DTube and then copy all the urls in you entry. Make sure to only put the title "My 2017: Just a normal day" only in the final post, not on every post you make with a video, that way the judges and me can recognize your entry.

For example: You can post 5 (or any number) times a different video on DTube (remember it will be posted on Steemit also) and put the title: "Going to work" or "eating a burrito" and then, when you have the urls for every video, make your final post including the videos!

You can upload a lot of videos, but i strongly recommend doing it in one, that way is nicer to look at your normal day!


The total reward pool will be 250 Steem and I will be deciding how to divide them according to the number of entrie the contest has. There will be a definitive Top 3 which will get the bigger part of the price but if there are some onorable mentions, they will receive a share of the Steem.

Try to do your best because the Steem price is rising every minute!

I will be voting on every post that participates in the contest and follows the simple rules stated above.

DTube maybe will vote on the videos they like, they got some good Steem Power so try to make a great video!

Remember I can only make this contest and vote on the posts thanks to the delegation I got from @blocktrades so, if you want to show them your support vote for them as witness here, it will only take one minute!

I hope to see as many entries as the last contest... Good luck my Steemian friend.

This is the video I used to write this tutorial, enjoy my dog barking and me playing the flute (very bad) just to make him bark.

If you have any questions about how to upload a video or how to edit, let me know and I will answer as soon as possible.

▶️ DTube

Disclaimer: By joining the contest you give me approval to use your posts to nominate them to @ocd and be eligible to get even more rewards. Also I recommend using the tag #ocd-resteem to be eligible to be resteemed by the @ocd account.


As an introvert, my mind has already auto-denied me from applying for this lol.

Haha, this was totally me a couple months ago. I cowered every time a camera aimed itself anywhere near my face, so I decided to try some exposure therapy. I'm now on day 81. I get to see how awkward I look in every. single. frame. but I'm getting more used to it! I bet you could do it, too, even if it's only for a second. :)

Thanks a lot for encouraging me !

Well, you don´t even have to appear in the video, why don´t you take the video as a first person? (Like those video games where you see everything from the perspective of the protagonist) :D Then I guess you have no excuse! Now I know you will submit an entry soon ^^

You found the loop hole for introverts ! Lol you're creative :) I will give it a shot ! From first person mode !

First person mode is my favorite @wanderingartist

I have about 500 videos on you tube and I am only in about 5 of them :)

I have edited mine and put some effects and themes. Is that alright? Thank you!

Of course is ok! Be mi guest ti ad anything you want! Don't forget to upload to YouTube use proper tags and resteem this post :)

Okay, that's cool. Can't we upload more than one video? Like letting our daily routine (Breakfast, lunch, drive etc.) in separate videos?

Of course! As long as you use DTube you can do that my friend :)

Perfect, the length of each video will not be more than 3 or 4 minutes.

Is dtube working overseas now? I'm in thailand and I was not getting them to play here when I looked.

This is a great contest!

And a great way to sneak in a tutorial of several things. You're a clever one.😎

I'm sure you'll have lots of entries. 😍 I mean, my mundane life has GOT to be amusing to somebody. 😂

Alas, DTube has yet to work for us here. I try watching... won't load. I've tried to log in to upload- nopers.😐

While writing this I'm attempting to load a video... it's been like 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen at this point.

So I'm sticking with the Youtube for now.

MANY others have this same problem. May I ask, where (approximately) are you located and do you have the creme de la creme of internet access?😀

Full disclosure: I'm in the mountains of Colorado, USA and admittedly have the slowest internet in the country. I'm easily able to watch Youtube and stream on my Roku TV... just no DTube. 😞

🌎Have fun learning about different places around the world!🌎

Well considering your current situation I think you can do it on YouTube ^^
Thanks for letting me know, I´ll make sure to tell the judges to consider your entry!
I am in Mexico, so wifi in nice here in the cities haha.
Exactly! That is the whole point of the contest, what it may seem mundane to you, might seem amazing to other people. I´m sure life in the mountains (I´m jealous btw) is incredible and now you made me curious, I hope to see your entry soon :) Please, join the contest Carrie, fulfill my curiosity lol oh! And don´t forget to resteem this post!

Yay! I was secretly hoping you'd let me in. This seems like so much fun! Plus, I'm relatively new to video creation, but have recently purchased ALLL the bells and whistles that can potentially make my end products amazing! Potentially. 😉

OMG! Where to start?!

Yes... morning time... will have to start that tomorrow, but who's to know if it's ONE consecutive day or a mash-up of several that shows the most mundane? (Was that a real sentence? I apologize, but am not going to fix it...😅)

Off to my daily life!

If we have another video editing software we are familiar with asides filmora, can we make use of it?

Of course! Filmora is just a suggestion for newbies but you can use whatever software you want as long as the video is on DTube :)

I am on holiday these days...
Can my day still be considered normal..??

Yes! Then it is a normal holiday day :P Just share your day :D

Is it strictly video or it can be backed up with writing as well

You can do as much writing back up as you want! For example, I´m going to make a video and then write a very long description about it!

¿La descripción puede ser en español?

My days are usually boring. I hope I could entertain you somehow. This is very exciting. Was not expecting this. Love love

Your days might seem boring to you, but can you imagine what it is for a person from another continent to see the buildings of your town, the people, the food, even how you interact with people....

I bet you will make a very amazing video... It is not about having an exciting day, it is about a normal day :) And your normal day will be interesting to someone, I can bet on it.

Thanks @anomadsoul for this great contest !
It's is my entry, I tried my best :)

I Think I am going to do this one. I was planning on doing a "day in the life of Canadian Renegade," at some point anyway. I guess this just moves up the time table. I will have to film it tomorrow I guess and edit before the deadline.

Thanks for the heads up @anomadsoul!


My 2017: Just A Normal Day in 2017 For @jeffjagoe

Thanks @anomadsoul for such great contest !
I'm happy to get into it with my day 2017.
Here is my entry.
I tried my best, spent many hours to do it :)
I hope you like my video and you'll forgive me for possible mistakes)

Love this contest. Hope to participate

I really hope you do! Let´s see what you´ve got!

Happy to get into this wonderful contest of @anomadsoul with my day 2017

That you think of my video input @anomadsoul I did well or this bad I would like to know your opinion

Lol that GIF, I´ll check it out :)

this is so fun! hahaha

Awesome contest!!

Welp, it's been a trial of trial and error, mostly error, but I have, I think, managed to meet the requirements for the contest.

I wanted to let you know your original contest post has changed my world. That may sound hyperbolic, but it's true nonetheless. My circumstances have changed dramatically in a year, and I hadn't realized it until I saw your post and spent a moment thinking back on what had changed.

It's pretty amazing.

Here's my entry to the contest.

Merry Christmas!

Hey Steemians :) Here is my entry. Let me know what you think :)

beautiful bougainvillea flowers in the opening clip! wow what an awesome place! paradise :D such an adventure :D the tribal dance is awesome! great video!


Done editing the videos into one and then this happened. if you guys are thinking of using Filmora, better use your smartphones because there wont be watermark the whole clip but only in the outro. @anomadsoul

This is my entry post:

very nice :D love the b&w, the music.
and great u do art.
hope u can take fine arts. its a must :) claim it sis.

Here is a link to my entry, thank you for hosting this!

Here's my entry for this contest
I finally created a not-so-good video but still entering the contest.

Hoping to compete in this contest. I hope those that one sbd in the last one can participate too

Of course @awolesigideon, every one can join, in fact, why don´t you invite your friends to join the contest? The more, the merrier ^^

ho wow clear that I will participate !! from venezuela I will tell you how was my 2017 !!

This sounds so fun! I have so many different schedules, and no day is the same for me! So decisions, decisions, do I show a day where I am crazy busy and will probably forget to grab videos or a lazy day, where I pretty much sit around and do homework??

Hahahahaha why don´t you just take different pieces of every day and make a mash up! :P It is still parts of your normal days! Hahaha now you made me curious, let´s what you got!

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Para que me quede claro, los tags y el titulo don para dtube, pero, en steemit que hacemos?

El post se sube en steemit también! Al subirlo en DTube se sube a steemit al mismo tiempo!

Aww I'm a student and currently on winter break so my normal day right now over break is totally different than my normal day back in my college town with school, work, and friends. :/

Well, show us a normal day in the winter break! Im sure you can go to the local market to buy groceries, visit your favorite coffee shop, visit your friends, maybe eat out your favorite dish... So many things you can include in your video!

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation for current week.
Thank you @anomadsoul for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free STEEM (250 STEEM is more than $500).

I see what I can do 😜

Love the idea but so far I am terrified of making videos. It is a pool I am afraid to jump into. I have promised my son that i the new year I will learn how to do this. For me it is a steep learning curve and I need to crawl before I can walk. And I may never run...

Well Ceci, how about you take a first jump and make some videos with your cellphone where you don´t show your face, you don´t even have to be in the video! You can just show us around, you don´t have to talk, you can write everything in the post and we will read about a normal day in the life of @cecicastor... sounds cool huh?

Sounds cool but I have a stupid phone. It has no bells and whistles, just to talk to folks...

Love the idea but I'm not a video type of person. Good luck everyone!

You dont have to appear on it ^^ you can just record what happens around... would be great to have again an entry from some of the people rewarded in the first contest.

I'm more of a writer rather than a video maker. :)

I'll have a think about something short and sweet that I could put together though.

thanks for good contest, will join again~

I'm really liking this. This will be my first contest I'm entering. Steemit is really cool. New era social media

Yeessss!!! so glad to hear about this, Im honored to host your very first contest! Let´s what you got my friend! I wish you the best of luck!

How in the world can you decide whose normal day is better? xD

It's not about the day, its about the effort and quality of the post ^^ and i won't choose, there will be judges for that so i avoid the tough decision and a biased opinion.

this is a cool contest!

I hope I get to see your entry Mariska!

Hoping to grab in this contest .. all the best yar....

I hope you do grab it and join!

looking forward to see some interesting entries...

I bet there will be some great ones! :D :D :D are you joining??

Here is my entry, I hope you will like it :)
I had an error while uploading it , but you can still watch the video :( I hope it dosen't matter

pls what did u make use of as ur private key? mine keeps saying its wrong

When you find your private key in premissions press show private key, it starts with number 5 :) I hope this will help you

this is awesome :D love it

Thank you :)

@anomadsoul I am new and a friend told me about this contest I just came across it and resteemed it, so am asking for a chance to make a dtube video of what my day looks like. Thank you!

Yes my friend you can participate, anyone can! Get your friends also t join!

Hoping to compete in this contest.I also wanted to compete in your #my2017 contest but unfortunately, i didn't.My bad luck.

I hope to see your entry very soon! You still have time my friend!

I've got a wonderfully discordant idea for this...

I bet my arm this is going to be awesome! You just made me curious my friend, I hope you do deliver!! :D

hope to participate again even I don't have enough of time and I don't have good cellphone

Hi @anomadsoul. Just wanna say thank you for dropping by and upvoting my latest post. :)

No no no, the best way of thanking me (which yo don´t need to do) is submiting your video for the cnotest!

Will give this a try until Christmas. Resteemed.

Hey Uwe! I really hope you submit your entry! Would be amazing to see a normal day in Germany! :D Thanks for the resteem and the vote man!

Awesome, I will participate again :)

I don't know how to purchase the filmora go app for Android. Help pls

It is for free my friend :) Just search for it in the app store / play store and download it !

You and poonam join! Give her the link

Ive spent many moons using Wondershare Filmora (2 years to be exact). Cant think of a better video editing program.

Ohhh damn we have a profesional contestant here then! Good to see you around ocdbro! I hope to see your entry soon ^^

please @anomadsoul , i hope everyone gets something for participating at least because it isn't easy at all making those videos, putting them together and uploading them. It takes a certain amount of effort no matter how small. THANKS FOR YOUR ANTICIPATED CONSIDERATION.

Well, the community is already giving you that, who else gives you $ just by voting on your content? But also yes, DTube usually votes on some of the posts using their tag and they have a very big vote, like 4 times mine. And also i will be voting on them, and I can provide at least 2 SBD´s payout which is like 30 dolars! Who gives you 30 dollars for a video anywhere else? Only on Steemit :P

please sir, I dtube keeps saying that my posting key is incorrect, i tot the posting key is the normal steemit password or are they different? can i upload on youtube if i am finding it difficult uploading on dtube?

my video is ready but i cant upload on dtube...soo sad

@anomadsoul this is a bit difficult #sad i hope i can try

Yes! It is not about doing the best video ever, it is about joining and doing our best effort. The judges will not take profesionality in account but will take how much emotions and reality are in the video :) I reeeeally hope you join the contest!!

Love the idea! I'm going to do it!

Bienvenida! Claro! Que mejor que darte a conocer en estos primeros días en steemit que participando en una competencia como esta!

I guess I'll play with all the stuff later and make a video tomorrow or the next. Get ready to see thousands of baby chickens!

Oh holy hell are you serious! This is going to be awesome, now I can´t wait to see your video, damn, thousands of chickens... and I thought i was crazy for having 4 dogs :P

Ha, yeah. Got delayed so I'm aiming at tomorrow, but yeah, I look over a little over 150k chickens. :)

like this

I'm in, and I like that I now know of a good video editing app !

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I'fim rufunifing oufut ofot tifime!!!! thifis ifis hafard ifin efenglifish!

Ifich frafagefe mifich, wifie efes afauf Defeuutsfch wäfärefe! Sifich spufutefen!

Mefein Gofott!!!! Dufu sprifichst aufuch Deufeutsch!?? Wifir efecht hafabefen ufunsefer eifegefenefes Sprafagefe! MUAHAHAHA ofodefer... MUAFAHAFAHAFAHAFA!!

Im still learning! But at a fast Pace B)
Jafa, afahforafa wefe cafan guafardafar afalle Gefehefeimnifis :)

Pofodefemofos thefe woforld kofontrofollieferefen!!! ahhh Mefe gufustafa thifis ifideefeen!!! Cofodefe vafalnofomafadsofoulhafallafa

Am new to this, I hate to say...... but prize the bookmaker have set in is worth an effort and I have an ace, so I would play.

Damn right! Whenever you have an ace don´t be afraid to use it! Let´s see what you got, I´m sure this time like the last one you´ll make a great entry my friend!

Hmmmmmm. I wish......
I only have hope......
I wish I have the skills to back up my hope

This contest is not about skills! Is about having fun! The judges won´t care about the profesionality of the video, just passion with which it was made :)

I see..................

Wow! Quite challenging! I have always wanted a blogger, guess this is my chance to try out something new... There is absolutely no harm in trying... I hope my boring life doesn't bore Potential viewers too much

Yes mi friend, and what may seem to you like a boring life, perhaps to a person from Mexico like me might be interesting, you never know! I really hope you participate and make a great video about it, im sure more than one person will enjoy it.

This is fun.. I'd love to join. I've been planning to try using Dtube too, so I think this will be the time. 👍

Exactly! It is the opportunity to learn to use DTube, to participate in a contest where you can get a vote from Dtube which is huge, to win a prize and also to have lots of fun while making the video!!

Hey Eric, thanks for your post and for the opportunity. Also great, that you explained the steps for how you gonna make a video. I´m very glad to get a description for how does it work.

Hello! I really hope you can join the contest! I can´t wait to see everyone´s normal day, it is going to be awesome don´t you think?

Very cool contest! I hope I can find the time to make a video entry for this!

ou must have the time! It is your chance to learn how to use DTube, perhaps getting a big vote from them, and also winning a contest! Oh and you will also have fun while making the video! How awesome is that! Tell you what, if you make the video, I will vote on it, deal?

I made the video! hahaha! And I really had fun doing it despite how normal and "boring" my day was 😅

Merhaba bu çok güzel bir fikir. Ama benim telefon kamera çok kötü.


This is great! So awesome to the first entries coming! I wish you the best of luck my friend, it came out well, the third one is perfect :) Thanks for joining, I´m sure a lot of people will like it :)

Wow wow wow... Never expected this remark. Thanks alot @anomadsoul. Now I have a high spirit to carry on with yet another normal day in 2017 (laughs)

Con tus paso a paso ya entiendo porque los dos videos que subi a dtube jamas funcionaron.
Saludos Caballero.

Jajajaja Margarita! Puedes participar en este si quieres! Eres bienvenida! Seria genial ver como es tu dia a dia :) Este paso a paso esta bueno no? :P Saludos querida Dama

Oh my goodness... Exactly what I'm already doing every day hahahaha. Now I'll get to see others' daily lives! Might as well submit for this, just have to pick which day will be best! Schweeeeee!

Hi there! Heres my entry :) hope you guys like it

woa hhhahah sa UM hahaha i know dat place

This is great contest @anomadsoul , I want to participate it !

Filmora is good to be used be at the same time they protected their apps by having a column to label their brand on every video we made. Thus, I stopped using it and using a normal windows video maker instead. But, thank you for creating such a contest. Will be keen on that!

Yeah I mean, you can use any software you want, I was just letting people kow filmora is easy to use ^^ Are you going to join the contest? You don´t have to use Filmora, was just a suggestion :)

Ahhhh! That sounds great :D Sure! Let see what idea I could put into that :D Thank you for the suggestion and encouragement~

great contest just uploading myclip :)

@poonamsingh, hello miss ? Take a look at this one, you can be be behind the camera, all you gotta do is film and narrate.

Awesome!! This is going to be so excited. Gracias

I don't know if I will have the time to do the video but my intention was to try DTube, so, thank you very much for the complete guide on how to do this.

It will certainly be entertaining uploading my normal day as a Nigerian student in a public university... Its gonna be fun.

Nice contest bro! :)

Hey Cristoph! I´m so glad to see you around! It would be amazing to have your entry here, what a better way to start on Steemit than maybe winning a contest!

Good one! I love your idea of a series of community-generated "Day in the Life" videos. I'm resteeming now, and I'll plan on joining in this week.

Hey man! I reaaally hope to see your entry! At least having some OCD representatives would be very nice ^^
Yeah, Im so glad a lot of people might be joining, making a video is a bit harder than writing a post so let´s hope for the best and to see a lot of entries. Thanks for the resteem man!

@anomadsoul please must I use filmora app?? Can I use any other software I have instead of filmora??

Yeah man of course! Filmora was just a suggestion :)

Hello @anomadsoul I can't log in to Dtube. Can't get my private key
Please help

No worries, if you find it impossible to do it on dtube use youtube ^^

Oh. I got if finally, after ransacking the web.

Done! And voted for @blocktrades while I was here. Merry Christmas everyone!

I could only post a normal day during travelling. Would that be an option too? :)

Of course! For some people that is a normal day!

Hi..its a very cool this video should only tell what happened in a day or it can tell of what happend in different days??


You can merge some days, just try to keep coherent, no one does like 24 things in one day ^^

I hope to get myself here, but I always have a rough days this time around hopefully the judges will love to see it after I make it

We are waiting my friend! Let´s see what you´ve got!

i just post it on my blog some mins ago.. thank you for this privilege

Hello @anomadsoul here is the link to my entry post. Thanks for the contest

awww so cool, ill try to make one tomorrow hahaha

hehehe what have you been waiting for? its really exciting, try it. i have watched my own video over a hundred times already. this is the very first time i am actually making a video of myself, all thanks to @anomadsoul for this contest.

Great. Ill start tomorrow

Yey! Another contest to join! But I got an issue logging in to dtube. As per steemians in discord, some steemians also experienced the same. They said that there's an issue with dtube. Haist. I hope they fix it asap (-_-)

Hey @mignacio, why don´t you join the discord group using this address and tell them there you want to do a video for my contest, but you can´t login. I´m sure they can help you out there.

This is the link

Thanks again for the contest. Excuse me for being so long. I already shot at a minimum. Good luck to you and good. -

privyet! kak dela?
thats all i know in russian... Gde english subtitles i translation? hehehhe
nice video tho.

I see a lot of hidden Russian speakers here.

Я смотрю здесь много скрытых носителей русского языка. :)

hahahahah maybe, maybe not?
da svi danya! hahaha