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RE: BuzzSteem Ep 15 [Haejin's Back, dTube Hates Me, The NFL is Dying and MORE!]

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

This was so good Beth! Your audio was excellent, your points were amazing, your anecdote was so awesomely spot on, if the Whales keep grabbing all the bread rolls, then eventually everyone else will leave the table and go to a really nice restaurant instead.

How can I help you with your idea? I'm also trying to get more females into the Ninja Warrior world on my website, so I totally understand the drive to even things up a bit. Obviously I'll help out any way I can!!

Oh, also... that intro was just so amazingly good. I can't believe how much I love this thing already!


It appears that dtube has returned haha. Maybe I didn't offend them after all? I try to walk a fine line of reporting what I think needs to be said, and not pissing people off into my inevitable Steemit poverty. It's a fine-fine line, haha. (especially as I pour more time into these every day.) I am going to talk about my idea today. It may be like impossibly hard, but I do think it would bring in the ladies. Thanks so much for all your support. You are seriously the best.

I've honestly never worked out the secret to the dTube upvote... it seems somewhat random... but I'm glad you and the yoga girls get it at least consistently somewhat randomly.

Let's see what you've got young lady... I'll at least try and bring in people that could help if I can't...

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