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RE: BuzzSteem Ep 10 - [Crypto Safety, Ponzi Schemes, Jerry Banfield exposed and more!]

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Thanks Beth, always enjoy your episodes of Buzzsteem.
Hope your arm gets better.
BTW nice you chose yourself as Stemian of the Day in Ep8 - very fitting :)


Haha yeah that might have been a bit self-centric, but meh, it was more to be funny than anything!

working on tossing you a giant bone.. will see how it pays out.. maybe the ghost of Bob Marley will shine favorably upon you... if it works pay your upcoming success forward and keep up the good work...

Sounds a good move, whatever it is @pawsdog. Plenty of integrity in BWC, and strength. She's a shiningSteemStar and embodies a lot of the finer stuff that I think Steem is, and could be, about! And now's the time, @bethwheatcraft, that your voice is beginning to get louder out here, and this is fantastic!

Agreed, I found her when she was still like 20 something rep and she commented on a couple of my posts.. She is the bees knees, and does a good job.. Like all of us she gets demotivated from time to time with the horse shit that goes on here from time to time.. but I try and keep her motivated and promote her whenever it is feasible.. helping others is the best way to help yourself.... :)

And you do a great job yourself! The humour you inject into the Shit Post Diaries cracks me up - themed and customised to suit each update :)

Thanks I appreciate it... :)

Oh, just another thought on the SPD subject - have you come across @tubcat? I know it's cats and dogs :), but he does something along the lines of what you do - looking out for poor quality and trying to educate and up-skill users to produce good quality! His sense of humour is also excellent I find. Thought I'd give you a cross-intro, just in case........

I'll check him out, comment some of his stuff and follow.. see if I can build a relationship..

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