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RE: BuzzSteem Ep 15 [Haejin's Back, dTube Hates Me, The NFL is Dying and MORE!]

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Great analogy demonstrating sense of food scarcity leading to grabbing and selfish behaviour - changing to a more chilled sense of food abundance as awareness of this new reality sinks in; and some bigFish behaviour on Steemit demonstrating this old-paradigm scarcity thinking despite it not being the case, even in their wallets. I guess the more we keep talking about "the real crypto vision" (as @troglodactyl so aptly puts it in his comment), the more the subject remains 'current' and seeps into the awareness of those users (especially newbies) with whom these ideas may resonate, but who may not have been exposed to them much (and I think this could potentially be a big percentage!).
Watched the vid of you and Mr Hub singing - Steemit wave back at him, along with a piano 'plink-plonk' :)
Also glad and BWC are friends again - I really didn't quite get what that was all about though! :-0


Haha I was just being dramatic because dTube had stopped upvoting my posts. I thought it was maybe because of my content, but I guess it's kind of random. Though, there are some people that dTube upvotes consistently, so I am more than a little confused!

Yeah, sometimes I feel like a broken record talking about the crypto future, but I still feel like there are a lot of people that don't get it. I probably will step off that soapbox for at least a little while though.

Yup, saw that afterwards :)...I guess we're all figuring it in out in our own way as we go along - none of us (it seems) can really tell much about what's to come as it all moves and changes so quickly. We can however, be the change that we wish to see, and continue expressing it as it emerges - doesn't always have to be a 'mission' no? - when embodied, I think it speaks for itself! You do a great job of that already anyway IMO.

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