Kevin Hairston Stacking Clips This Summer!

in #dtube2 years ago

Our boy @kevinhairston been going insane this summer ⚒🛠⚒🛠

Here's a few quick clips!!!!

▶️ DTube

@steemskate THANKS for the constant support!!

No problem dude! You should check out Steem-engine if you haven't, it's a platform where Steem users can create and trade tokens created by Steemians.
We will be launching the SKATE TOKEN on 10 September so don't forget to check out your Steem-Engine wallet at that date. You are gonna see some sitting there!
Also there is a bounty contest going on if you want to help spreading the word!
More info here :

Glad to see you guys still on here. I took a little vacation myself, but i'm coming back strong! Also @steemskate plus the hardfork has lead to an increase in good curation, so I feel there is no better time to get steem power, and make this platform successful.

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That's the spirit dude.
We will also create the first SKATE TOKEN on Steem at September 10th and there is a bounty contest if you want to win more SKATE TOKENS.
Good things are happening bro!

@knowhow92 @howweroll thanks for the support. Had some trouble posting on DTube and always get a bit lost with Steem but trying to stay strong and keep it going!! Hard to get the homies and skaters on it but we are doing our best! Glad to hear things are still working out and moving forward, looking forward to the future of SteemSkate!

Hey @baystreetboards , are you on Discord?
Could we chat somewhere? Twitter, Fb or even Telegram.?

@knowhow92 sorry just saw this. not on discord but we are on FB and IG @baystreetboards...yoou can DM us there or email @ [email protected]

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