A kids song about death and dying

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About 5 years ago I got very interested in the process of death and dying.

This came about through losing my father when I was 19, and then later in my work with psychedelics - I realized that the process of facing death and our relationship to it is one of the most profound and personal things we go through as human beings.

I came to realize that at the end of the day "we are all just walking each other home" to quote Ram Das. We are all deep in processes of letting go and surrendering, and that holding space for each other to go through this personal process is a wonderful gift.

This led me to become a certified "Death Midwife" and Hospice volunteer, and I took my music and open heart to visiting people in various stages of the dying process over the course of a couple of years. It was a very interesting and fulfilling adventure into the areas at the fringes of our existence, and I felt a deepening of my own relationship to the unknown and a growing awareness of the preciousness of life.

At the time, my wife and I spoke about these subjects a lot, and one day my then 4 year old daughter asked me "Daddy, am I going to die?" It was asked with such tenderness and fear, and my heart melted. My wife, trying to avoid any discomfort in her child (as mothers do) replied "No, of course not".

My response was different. I wrote this song for her. I think its important to normalize discussions about death and dying, even with children. Death is a great adventure that we all go on eventually. None of us know for certain what happens, and that is a great equalizer. We are all children in the face of the mystery of death.

Now I offer this song to you.

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Hey again, Ben! I came across your Spotify profile and realized you have a rather great cover of Float On, by my favorite band Modest Mouse. On Steemit, I plan on giving people daily music suggestions. Is it okay if I include that cover in my post tomorrow? Let me know!

I absolutely I would very much appreciate it! Make sure to tag me so people can hear more too. Thanks xx

Just posted it. Let me know if I made any errors or misrepresentations and I will glady fix! Have a nice day.

Wonderful. Thank you!

Hi Ben! I have always loved that Ram Das quote. Great share & song. I was in the room with my father as he left, & it was such a profound experience. Such sacredness, like the birthing of a child, or visiting a sacred site. So many are so afraid to talk about or face physical death or the many deaths & experiences of grief we face each day. Thanks again for sharing

So true. It is an honor to support someone through their process. Thank you for sharing.

@benleemusic I can't believe you are a death doula! That's so cool! I am in a startup looking at tools to help us talk about end of life, so it's really nice to see someone like you talking about death in public.

I love the song, especially the message at the end about knowing that you care.

This is great! I too am a death doula and advocate for the death positive movement! Best wishes!!