AYAHUASCA: My Experiences with the Plant Medicine

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In 2008 I began exploring the ceremonial use of the South American plant medicine Ayahuasca.

This powerful psychoactive plant not only changed my perception of spirituality and purpose, but also inspired me to create the musical tribute "Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work", with all profits divided between the Amazon Conservation Team and MAPS (the Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).

I sat down with filmmaker Peter Harding to tell him more about this fascinating plant medicine, my experiences and my goals for this strange and wonderful project.

For additional reference, please see my previous post about my current overall attitude towards psychedelics and the spiritual path

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you will see things in a different dimension, that will lead the path to ENLIGHTENMENT! :0

Possibly. Everything is just a tool. The effectiveness depends on the intention and integrity of the use of the tool.

Hi Ben, Im very active in the international psychedelic rennaissance movement and I am an author on Psymposia. Im not surprised to find out you are involved in the transformative experiential path of these unique compounds. I will check out your link a little later when I can give it the attention it deserves.

Wonderful. Looking forward to connecting further.

Hi Ben ~ touche. This is exactly what I write about for the larger psychedelia community. More specifically I am concerned about folks who are not just trying to create spiritual transformation but also those who are truly suffering with mental health conditions and seeking these types of substances to treat themselves. They may very well run into self-proclaimed guru types who exist in a self-pertuating cycle of delusion they keep alive themselves by regular use of psychedelics and psychoactive compounds. My first article published on Psymposia in the Science category warns about this: Precautions with Underground Psychedelic Therapy

My writings on Buddhism almost always also have a scientific bent to them as well so my readers are clear I am not following anything blindly and neither should they.

Hey welcome to Steemit! Happy to see you on here - I've been a fan of your music for years.

Thanks for this interesting look into ayahuasca. I've heard some stories about it through friends and it seems like it can be an important and eye-opening experience for an artist.

Thank you so much. Nice to connect with you - following!

Interresting Ayahuasca,It has some good benefits , my question for you is the possibbility to creat it in Afrika for exmple is possible?

I think Africa has its own plants like Iboga that serve similar purposes.

Best post ever seen on steemit upvoted for you. if have some seconds please review my post

Best post ever seen on steemit upvoted for you. if have some seconds please review my post

I am glad that the powers that shouldn't be have not criminalised this plant as they have marijuana. Peace

en la vida vamos asi siguiendo rumbos, muchas veces salimos de esos caminos y otras lo adaptamos a nuestro diario vivir. lo importante es que nos guste cada cosa que inciamos.

Hi Ben! I am so very happy that I stumble across your channel :) I'm very surprised that - out of all the mystic shamanic and alternative friends that I have across the world - your name was never known to me, till now.

Just joined steemit and you are one of the first people that I saw....#awesome!