BuzzSteem Ep 10 - [Crypto Safety, Ponzi Schemes, Jerry Banfield exposed and more!]

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Hey guys,
So tonight I talked about:

  • The Japanese exchange hack, and I give you five helpful suggestions on how to keep your cryptocurrency safe!

  • The Robinhood app and their plan to implement fee free exchange come February! (What a time to be alive!)

  • User @mrpuzzle and his fantastic expose on Jerry Banfield. This is a must-read for anyone considering voting
    for him as a witness. It can be found here:

  • User @troglodactyl and his latest blog on Steemit becoming a Ponzi Scheme. This is truly a must-read for
    every single person on Steemit. It can be found here:

  • User @just2random and his spot on analysis of the dangers of the Bitconnect YouTube fanatics now singling
    out and supporting Steemit.

Also, I am still on some serious pain meds and not running on much sleep, so my verbage is a bit sloppier than usual. I hope I still got my main points across okay though!

Oh and help me start the tag: #fight4steemit won't you? If you have a post related to any of today's topics (or rather the ones that pertain to Steemit's future, consider using #fight4steemit in your tags, that way I can find your posts and videos more easily!

Steem on my friends.

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Thanks Beth, always enjoy your episodes of Buzzsteem.
Hope your arm gets better.
BTW nice you chose yourself as Stemian of the Day in Ep8 - very fitting :)

Haha yeah that might have been a bit self-centric, but meh, it was more to be funny than anything!

working on tossing you a giant bone.. will see how it pays out.. maybe the ghost of Bob Marley will shine favorably upon you... if it works pay your upcoming success forward and keep up the good work...

Sounds a good move, whatever it is @pawsdog. Plenty of integrity in BWC, and strength. She's a shiningSteemStar and embodies a lot of the finer stuff that I think Steem is, and could be, about! And now's the time, @bethwheatcraft, that your voice is beginning to get louder out here, and this is fantastic!

Agreed, I found her when she was still like 20 something rep and she commented on a couple of my posts.. She is the bees knees, and does a good job.. Like all of us she gets demotivated from time to time with the horse shit that goes on here from time to time.. but I try and keep her motivated and promote her whenever it is feasible.. helping others is the best way to help yourself.... :)

And you do a great job yourself! The humour you inject into the Shit Post Diaries cracks me up - themed and customised to suit each update :)

Thanks I appreciate it... :)

Oh, just another thought on the SPD subject - have you come across @tubcat? I know it's cats and dogs :), but he does something along the lines of what you do - looking out for poor quality and trying to educate and up-skill users to produce good quality! His sense of humour is also excellent I find. Thought I'd give you a cross-intro, just in case........

Even with one arm in a sling, you're killing it! And thanks for the shoutout. :-D

And it's a timely reminder about wallet security. I've lost crypto on 4 failed exchanges so I definitely don't recommend them as a safe way to hold your money.

Generally, you should take control of your crypto, be it on a desktop, hardware or paper wallet.

And a fire safe isn't a bad idea either. Just in case. ;-)

Yeah, I haven't really started investing, so my earnings are basically just all tied up in SP, but I feel like that's a safe place to be for now.

Thanks for your kind words and more importantly your efforts to help Steem thrive. If it's not too late, could we try to use #fight4steem rather than #fight4steemit? As you mentioned, that's a distinction that a lot of people fail to recognize, but I think fixing that will be an important part of securing Steem's future. There are a lot of great efforts to build on the decentralized Steem platform independent of the centralized Steemit company, and they'll have a much better chance if people get accustomed to differentiating Steem from Steemit.

With regard to security in trading, another option you may not yet be aware of is the decentralized exchanges, my favorite of which is BitShares. Steem is actually based on technology developed for BitShares (which is why it can scale so much better than other blockchains) and Steem was initially built by much of the same team. BitShares features market pegged assets (MPAs) that are fully collateralized and follow the price of other assets. This means you can trade and gain exposure to various other assets while retaining full control of your own private keys and avoiding counterparty risk. There are also user issued assets (UIAs) on the BitShares exchange, but those do involve counterparty risk.

Great idea! I considered #fight4steem but didn't know if people would understand. I agree that they should understand the difference though. #fight4steem it is! I will use that at the end of all my videos.

I didn't know that about BitShares, that's great! I do worry about safety of crypto on here, but SP is another fail safe of Steemit at least.

We can make this happen if we get enough people on board. A lot more people are waking up to the importance of their awareness and contributions. Sometimes the beginning of a great change is a lot of work. But I am definitely willing to do my part.

Awesome summary of current Steemit Events and awesome shoutout. Thanks Beth.

I love what you're doing here and will try to use the #fight4steemit tag in future. Perhaps you should setup another account under that name and take SP delegations so you can downvote the stuff you see failing the system.

A dog is never effective without a bite.

And yesterday I wrote about @djkhaled and as predicted he posted another copy and paste article. Fortunately, cheetah didn't vote for him this time.

There is a bigger picture here, and I'm trying to piece it together. It's not the sorts of puzzles I thought I'd be working on when I joined Steemit, bu this is more fun.

I love the new twist on your name! You are like a Steemit detective. I talked to @troglodactyl and he thinks we should use #fight4steem instead of #fightforsteemit. Ooo I like the idea of making an account. I just might do that! I think if I did that though, I would go after bigger fish. If they downvote the crap out of that account then at least it's not directly linked to my account. I would love to flag and downvote some dolphin and whale stuff, but man it would take a lot of SP delegation to make any kind of an impact. I think it's a start though! We are assembling an awesome team here! An investigative journalist, a detective, a shitpost seeker and flagger, a philosopher, blockchain programmers, and we are only growing! This is pretty exciting!

You are very genius .. your post is very profitable for me .. for me make an example in my post. Thank you for sharing post ..

Did you mention powering up as a safety feature? Silly me, that only works for Steem. Thanks for more informative stuff. Off to find out more 'bout Banfield. See you on Ep 11.

Haha yeah I should have mentioned that buying into a crypto's "stock" was a great way to store your money. Though, I know that powering down is a lengthy process, so that is definitely a downside for someone who just wants to be able to store their money somewhere and then immediately take it out again!

Beth loving the "content". That said and being objective to a fault and constructively criticizing; you need work on the "studio" "background" etc.. hang a sheet, go all white with it or something of the like.

I love your content I really do, but I find the somewhat dingy backgrounds to be a real distraction.

I am not being insulting, I am constructively criticizing from the viewpoint of a potential customer interested in the content you are selling.

Your voice is good, articulate, well spoken, solid delivery but toss a bit of the "professional touch" into what we see behind you so as it gives your entire presentation more polish and curb appeal..

Most won't call out the potential shortcoming in others content for seeming like a dick, I do it to help you succeed..

I'm trying very hard to get you noticed by some members of good influence. Essentially I'm marketing your product, but I want to be proud of the polished product I am marketing.. The product may be good, but if the packaging is all roughed up, and the box is torn, it will remain on the shelf..

Thanks.. keep up the great work.. and love your initiative with buzz steem.... It is a needed segment here...

I started the first few episodes with a green screen background, and it didn't seem to do any better, to be honest, and it takes a lot more time in post-production. I was spending a lot of time with adding images and font too, but for whatever reason, it seems like the less time I put into a video, the better it does. I can go back to doing it the way I was before, I just didn't think it made that much of a difference. That and, with the weekend I have had, it's a miracle I got anything out at all. It is a hard concept with Steemit, because anyone who does well puts out daily content. I can't really say that any of that daily content is super spectacular though, as even if you are paid to do this as a full time job it is a herculean effort to release a video daily. (That's not to mention the 2-3 hours it takes to upload the video that you have to keep checking on, ugh) It is different than writing a blog because you need to write something first, then record it, (in the quiet, in a house with three kids, haha) edit it, export it and then wait for it to upload (during which I usually use that time to make a custom thumbnail so as to be catchy), and write a decent description for the video. All in all, it's like a 5 hour process or so, every day. I suppose the flashier looking stuff only adds on about another hour in editing, but that's typically then an hour that comes out of my sleep, since all of my other time is spoken for: (3 kids at home, full time job from home, housekeeping, cooking, errands, chores, sleep?) I really appreciate the advice, I just thought I would give you a play by play as to why I have chosen a different style as of late! (Not to mention now the extra bullshit I have had to deal with since my car got totaled, le sigh.) I will give it a good college try today, and see how expeditious I can be about it all! Thanks for the response.

I would not even say you have to go full on green screen till the $$$ justifies it.. Just go solid white background with a sheet or something.. Clean crisp and professional.. :)

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