BuzzSteem Ep 15 [Haejin's Back, dTube Hates Me, The NFL is Dying and MORE!]

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Hey guys!
Hope you are enjoying your February so far! Today I talked about:

  • How I probably took things too far and got dTube to stop upvoting me.

  • @ranchorelaxo and the continuing of the dick sucking going on between him and @haejin.

  • @dlive and how it is now equipped for mobile!

  • @donkeypong and his riveting article about the fall of the NFL and the rise of more popular sports.

And the Steemian of the day: @luzcypher, who works damn hard to make #openmic a thang.

I also talked a little bit about an upcoming idea I had for a new Steem powered platform that I think may help attract more ladies to blockchain.

And in the end, I plea for the help of my friends to join me in my #fight4steem. Hope you enjoy guys! See you tomorrow!

▶️ DTube

Aw yay, I'm so glad you feel that way. I have never thought of myself as funny. It's a trait I only started accepting much later in life. :)

totally agree with your last part of the video... these whales need to stop looking at the now and the look at the future. crypto (steem) is the future and they should be investing back into the platform, not cashing out

Yass. It is very short sighted.

Excited to hear more about your mysterious idea!

Haha I think via the encouragement of @just2random, I will write a blog post about it tomorrow.

And I’m on my way to Vegas for Super Bowl weekend and I couldn’t care less. Tom Brady is going to win so everyone move
On with your lives.

Haha right?I don't even think I am going to tune in this year for the half-time show. Seems a waste. Times sure are a changing. (Now if the Redskins were in the SB, that's a different story, as my dad has been waiting for that for a long time, haha.)

I'm taking a nap now so I can power up after the game of who again?? :)

This was so good Beth! Your audio was excellent, your points were amazing, your anecdote was so awesomely spot on, if the Whales keep grabbing all the bread rolls, then eventually everyone else will leave the table and go to a really nice restaurant instead.

How can I help you with your idea? I'm also trying to get more females into the Ninja Warrior world on my website, so I totally understand the drive to even things up a bit. Obviously I'll help out any way I can!!

Oh, also... that intro was just so amazingly good. I can't believe how much I love this thing already!

It appears that dtube has returned haha. Maybe I didn't offend them after all? I try to walk a fine line of reporting what I think needs to be said, and not pissing people off into my inevitable Steemit poverty. It's a fine-fine line, haha. (especially as I pour more time into these every day.) I am going to talk about my idea today. It may be like impossibly hard, but I do think it would bring in the ladies. Thanks so much for all your support. You are seriously the best.

I've honestly never worked out the secret to the dTube upvote... it seems somewhat random... but I'm glad you and the yoga girls get it at least consistently somewhat randomly.

Let's see what you've got young lady... I'll at least try and bring in people that could help if I can't...

Great job sharing the real crypto vision in the last half of this episode. Keep up the good work!

It just means so much to me. I have never really felt passionately about something like this before. It has awakened a whole new part of me. (Not to sound new age-y or woo woo.) I honestly came on here thinking, hm, a Facebook that you get paid to use? And then reality smacked me right in the face, and I started to see that this was a whole network, a whole little world. It's all been such a crazy wild ride so far. I would very much like to see it continue

It's certainly exciting. I've been into this stuff for years already and the excitement hasn't worn off. I'm not sure if I know what you mean about awakening a new part of you and new age-y-ness, but I might. I'm not sure what your background/beliefs are in terms of religion/metaphysics, but I consider how humans relate to each other, interact, and organize themselves to be deeply significant on what many people would refer to as a spiritual level. Personally I think it's pretty unhelpful to compartmentalize religion/spirituality apart from other aspects of a person's belief system and philosophy.

hahaha!! dtube loves you girl ;)

They're back! Bahaha. I thought they were gone forever!

Secrets hey, you can tell me ;-)

But seriously you don't need to keep secrets here because 95% of the people here couldn't be bothered making an app anyway. No one is going to steal your idea and hey if they do then there will be two great places for women to socialize on Steemit.

However, if you write a post about your idea, people might help you to refine it and developers might step out of the shadow to make it real. And women might fall in love with it and encourage you to build it, and you'll have a ready-made audience when it's launched.

This is a community, and the minute you write it down, it becomes your idea, and if someone tries to rip it off you simply scroll down the blockchain and say here's my post. I was first.

First always matters.

Tipoff: While I was looking into the top 20 users by reputation I found this guy @craig-grant, who is a bitconnect scammer apparently and @trevonjb is another. Both are getting run out of town. Ye ha!

Ooo. I will have to talk about that today. I also plan to make a blog about my idea, and you'll have to let me know how batshit you think I am, haha. Thanks for the info!

the beige vast wasteland... lol

Totes! Everything is varying colors of brown and beige! I miss green!

@luzcypher is the best! He's truly a super hero.

Seriously though, he really is. I don't know how he keeps up with it all...

Make sure you stop back in my discord! you haven't been back lol xD
Got some ideas.

I'm so bad at consistency. I will try to drop in tonight!!

Love the H War will he win or lose, find out on your next episode!!

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Great analogy demonstrating sense of food scarcity leading to grabbing and selfish behaviour - changing to a more chilled sense of food abundance as awareness of this new reality sinks in; and some bigFish behaviour on Steemit demonstrating this old-paradigm scarcity thinking despite it not being the case, even in their wallets. I guess the more we keep talking about "the real crypto vision" (as @troglodactyl so aptly puts it in his comment), the more the subject remains 'current' and seeps into the awareness of those users (especially newbies) with whom these ideas may resonate, but who may not have been exposed to them much (and I think this could potentially be a big percentage!).
Watched the vid of you and Mr Hub singing - Steemit wave back at him, along with a piano 'plink-plonk' :)
Also glad and BWC are friends again - I really didn't quite get what that was all about though! :-0

Haha I was just being dramatic because dTube had stopped upvoting my posts. I thought it was maybe because of my content, but I guess it's kind of random. Though, there are some people that dTube upvotes consistently, so I am more than a little confused!

Yeah, sometimes I feel like a broken record talking about the crypto future, but I still feel like there are a lot of people that don't get it. I probably will step off that soapbox for at least a little while though.

Yup, saw that afterwards :)...I guess we're all figuring it in out in our own way as we go along - none of us (it seems) can really tell much about what's to come as it all moves and changes so quickly. We can however, be the change that we wish to see, and continue expressing it as it emerges - doesn't always have to be a 'mission' no? - when embodied, I think it speaks for itself! You do a great job of that already anyway IMO.

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