Marketing Moves - Episode 10 w/ @BrettCalloway - 8/8/18

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Create The SELLING Process Before The PRODUCT...

What's up Steemit! It's your boy Brett coming at you with Marketing Moves Full STEEM Ahead - Episode 10!

In today's video I talk about the absolute importance of creating your selling process first before you create the product. I know this seems counterintuitive, but this will be one of the biggest lessons you can learn in launching a new business.

Make sure that you can actually sell your product and that there's a market demand for your product before spending time and money creating your product!

There is nothing worse and more discouraging then spending thousands of dollars a 6 months creating something that you can't even sell.

There are many ways to sell before you have a product without turning off you clients, that there is no excuse not to do this! Check out the video for a few tips on how to sell a product before it even exists!

Thanks for watching and feel free to drop me a comment with any questions or feedback! Let me know what you want to learn more about. What aspect of starting a business would you like to have a step by step guide on? What can I do to help take you to the next level?

Thanks again for all the support and I look forward to sharing with you again tomorrow!

Brett ~ "Life is a special gift meant to be enjoyed."

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Sorry for watching your video lately, but speaking truly you are making great series on marketing @brettcallway keep growing sir and keep making great content

Thanks brother! I appreciate it! I will have some new videos out next week. I have a new set up I'll be testing. Thanks again!

That’s great

Thanks for such amazing marketing tips. I will follow you from now and watch your videos. ☺

Tell me please, would you like to participate in an interview ?

Thanks for the great feedback @clixmoney! I would be interested in doing an interview. Let's set something up!

ok, tell me please, do you use discordapp ? I want to find you there to schedule.

Please join our server and I will find you easier :

sometimes it's hard to find someone just by username, anyway I'm : clixmoney#0084 there.

Great stuff man, I am a marketer myself, so I appreciate what you are doing. I will be sure to look up some "Under Water Basket Weaving" teachers and get to training. Subscribed.

Thanks brother! That Under Water Basket Weaving is where it's at! :-)