Upgrading RavencoinOS v2 to latest v.2.5.1

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The Ravencoin Fork is happening in October.

Ravenland releases a patch for their RC1 version of RavencoinOSv2.

This video demonstrates how to upgrade for the fork as the pi user. To download the patch goto https://github.com/ravenlandpush/rave... or run as the pi user directly as below

This patch is in beta.

wget https://github.com/ravenlandpush/rave...
chmd +x patch-ravencoin-latest-ravencoinOS.sh

It will automatically upgrade the ravencoinOS v2 ravencoin version to support the new chain, pending the algo fork.

Please note that a downloadable image with the upgraded version will also be furnished at https://bootstrap.ravenland.org/dist/... under the title of 'RC2' - release candidate 2 is pending and will be available soon.

This patch is in beta but should work for all users if the instructions are followed exactly.

For more detail see the wiki

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