Cardano Dev Progress Demo #1: Multi-node Communication

in #dtube2 years ago

This is the first in our new series of Cardano Development Progress Demos, showing actual internal demos, the same progress demos the teams give internally to show their progress to leadership and teammates. This is for people who want in-depth technical details about where we are. This is not marketing content, not polished and pretty. There's no glitz. It's just honest no-bull progress presented by the actual engineers building Cardano from the ground up.

This progress demo is presented by Rupert Horlick and Duncan Coutts from IOHK's Haskell development team, and shows full Haskell nodes with the 4 components integrated - consensus, ledger, network protocol, and node shell. It shows multiple nodes running independently and communicating with each other using the full network stack. Communication is over TCP, so it's mimicking node communication across different servers, but the demo is run on one machine to make it easier to show. On-disk storage is not yet implemented.

For an overview of what has been delivered by the project to date and what's coming, head to our roadmap:

For more detailed updates on what's being worked on every week, check out our weekly technical reports here

If you want to try out the demo here for yourself, visit: for some instructions

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