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RE: Steem Secrets #2 (Delivered By @ankarlie): "You Own Steem". We Take Steem To The Moon.

in #dtube4 years ago

It's so nice to read this context. Thank you for the wonderful teachings @steemsecrets , your video "you are whale to me" enlightened me to value everyone here, whale or not, know or unknown. I will follow you because I know I will I learn a lot from you.


Thanks also for the teachings sir @surpassinggoogle

You taught everyone so well @surpassinggoogle and that has been your legacy here in steemit. Keep being being the inspirer of all inspirers.. :)

Thank you for this one @steemsecrets.. i love your video and it makes me realize how valuable eacha nd everyone in this platform.. as a minnow and a newbie I am so privileged to have known people like you. You are so kind and helpful to everyone.. :)

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