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RE: Steem Secrets #2 (Delivered By @ankarlie): "You Own Steem". We Take Steem To The Moon.

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@sunnylife said that we should start believing that "I am a whale" -- I call it a Whale Mindset. If we cannot believe that we can be a whale, we will never be a whale.

And now another mentor, @ankarlie encouraging us to "take steem to the moon" -- I call it a Owner Mindset. There is a big difference between an Employer (Owner) mindset and an Employee (Worker) mindset. An employee (worker) mindset works to earn, while an Employer (Owner) mindset works to bring the Company to the next level, to the moon! Let us be "an owner" not just a "worker" in steemit and bring it to the moon!

"I am a whale", "I am an owner", "Next?" (Will surely wait for it)

Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for making this effort! I'll continue to follow and learn from these things, MORE TO COME!



I can't wait also what is next. Please follow @steemsecrets as he reveals the Fastest-Rarest steemit speed-up knowledge.

Done following and will surely follow every post of this #SecretsRevealed by @steemsecrets.

More to come!

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