Steem Monsters: a behind-the-scenes look at recording the Daria Dragonscale quips

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Well, it seems that I'm such a good voice actor that I landed another role in the Steem Monsters game. (Or the powers that be like that I have access to a professional recording studio, but let's go with the first one, shall we?) This time, I have been cast as Daria Dragonscale.

I'm not going to lie, I have zero interest in gaming, even Steem Monsters; I'd rather just watch Netflix. But!!! That doesn't mean I don't get excited about being IN games. I really like learning about the characters and thinking up ways to deliver the quips.

Since I didn't really know anything about Daria Dragonscale, my first course of action was to call upon Steem Monsters guru @mattclarke to get the skinny. And although this is a bit off topic, here's some bonus footage of Matt and I opening Steem Monsters cards at the Team Australia Christmas party back in December. And even more off topic, how good does my hair colour look here? 😁

Anyway, this is what I learnt.

Then @aussieninja concurred in a separate conversation, that she is indeed quite awesome.

With this newly found knowledge, I lined up a visit to @globocop's studio. Unfortunately, Panama doesn't have super reliable electricity and his building was experiencing a lot of power cuts last week. His building's back-up generator is only good for the communal areas, unlike my building where we only lose power for about a second before it kicks in. So we had to wait a few days for whatever problems his part of town was experiencing to be resolved.

Globo gave me some coaching before we started. He used to work professionally in radio, which is SO helpful when doing voice acting. That being said, my first takes are bloody awful but make for good video. There's always one line in particular I seem to struggle with, as you'll see. The same thing happened when I recorded Medusa. I've left the dialogue between Globo and myself in so you can see our process. Plus he has a cool accent which needs to be heard!

The actual video was quite long so I've cut it down to mostly outtakes and the final reading. There were more versions of each line that we were happy with, but in the interest of not being repetitive and the fact that most people have short attention spans, the video now lasts about five minutes.

I'm also uploading to youtube since the Australian Federal Police are apparently blocking Aussies' dtube access in the Wellington aftermath.


That was so fun to watch, especially to kill time on a train, which is what I’m on atm. SM is fortunate you put in the time to make each contribution so professional and to promote through sharing the process. Real cute to watch too, had me smiling the whole time to see you get in character. ❤️ Of course good hair needed to be noted. lol But it was nice to hear both you and Matt too.

So I love your vids and you need to get in front of the camera more! Thanks for doing youtube for the aussies. Another great post done, choo!

Aw thanks Linny, that's like the least cranky thing you've written in ages! :) No worries re YouTube, although I didn't get a dtube upvote anyway, which is a bit disappointing.

I'm a mood swinger. I swing from cranky, sweet and obsessed. If I took the time to comment, it's usually not going to be cranky...unless you write a super shit steem-related post that lacks objectivity. Oops...does that sound cranky? hehehe

dtube is dopey if they missed the value your vids add to their brand. Your vids always entertain me when you make the effort do one!

So profesh!
The scrunch face after you aren't happy with a line so reminds me of Medusa... but some of Darias vocals sound so good. Everyone IS distracted by her shiny armour.

Thank you Ninja. As someone who's actually been on tv, your approval means a lot.

Excellent hair!
Excellent accents!
Another good time with choo!

Lol. Thanks again mate. We will catch up again soon.

Choogirl absolutely crushing it! You go girl.

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hey, @choogirl.

I think I watched the Medusa recording, and just like this one, I think you do a great job of getting the character's essence across. I mean, sure, it would be awesome to just walk in and do everything first take, but then, we wouldn't have "good video" as you put it. :)

As someone who has looked at voice acting as something I'd love to be a part of some day, to me, you having the opportunity to do it not once but twice is amazing. You look like you had fun with it, and with @globocop coaching, I think you got through all the dialogue in great fashion.

I'm not a great fan of the game myself, so I'm not aware of the production stages taking place. Any idea when the voices will be incorporated? I imagine there's going to be a major overhaul to the game when this happens.

Thanks Glen, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I'm pretty stoked I got 2 parts too. They are still collecting the recordings and I don't know the timeframes for integrating them into the game, I'm afraid.

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Aww, it's nice to watch. Your voice acting is huge.
Has the best summoner won now or not? ;)
(I'm not playing Steemmonsters either.)

So glad you made it work @choogirl, bravo. Sounds excellent!

Thank you! I'm relieved you like it.

Ahh that was fantabulous Choochoo XD LoL that Daria's got some attitude. The accompanying acting totally makes it XD

Thanks Ry. It was fun to make. I do enjoy this stuff, but having a good coach and set up definitely ups the quality.

Haha nice. cool that there are real voices integrated in the game. Looking forward to hear your voice in the game. I think games like this will bring some new users to steem and increase value. Have a nice day.

Thanks Florian. They uploaded a sample (not my voice) of what it might sound like the other day in the discord server and it sounded really good.

Awosome insights! So what's it used for? There's no voice so far in the game.

I'm not in charge of integrating the quips into the game. At the moment, they are collecting the recordings.

“Oy shitcunt!” “Relax, I’m just taking the piss.” “Vegemite this”. “Is this even vegan?” “I like field hockey”

Hmm.. Prety sure I've never said "I like field hockey".

I like that you did some research before the voice recording and I also enjoyed hearing the recording. Your voice sounds pretty professional, loud and clear and you put enough cheeky inflection to give life to this character.

May the best summoner wins indeed :D.

Thank you Scrawly. Globo is a good coach. I hope those in charge are happy with the outcome too.

How did I miss this? This was pretty cool.

I don't know. Cos you're not on steemit 24/7? Thank you though.

LOL. Yeah, I've been busy of late. I hope that they can use your quips at some point in the future.

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I think you did an awesome job and I think your voice works well for the character. Dragons are kind of like the Choos of the Steem Monster world after all. :D

Aw, thanks Clay. And lol!

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