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RE: Practicing hacky sack in front of harbor.

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Hello @hqmafa420 !
We are @cleanplanet... a new serious project you maybe ear or that you can find easyly.

We all know the reward power of Steem Blockchain... we are there to reward the eco-citizen gesture for our Planet.
We think you are a Earth Lover...
We saw your video .... with our project could you do a video as Nature Cleaner ?
We reward each good steemian who take his time to clean our environment...
What do you think about that ? Could you participate or promote us ?
You can have a look at our account and project.
If you want to you can join the movement and become a new early cleaner.
Some links to see for you ...
How @cleanplanet works

Who are we

One minute to understand

Participate and SMT

It's me @yann0975

Maybe see you at Steemfest 3 at Krakow ?

See you soon using cleanplanet tag


Hello @cleanplanet as you can see in my feed I'm a Earth Lover.
Thanks for great motivation of doing more great videos about our wonderful planet.
Your project seems cool and I def will start follow you and take a part in this great project. Thanks for motivation :)

I am so happy for this !!!! Great !!!
Together we will change something
Thank you very much
See you soon using cleanplanet tag