Protect yourself - Don't mess with whales ! Day 43 !

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In the video I am talking about a very important thing for all steemians. I hope more people will see it and avoid losing their reputation or money. We have very powerful steemians who can just with one flag make you lose $100 or even more. When somebody flags you, you lose the same amount that he can give you with his upvote.

So, be careful and don't mess with whales, never say or write bad things about them. There are so much topics in the world that we can talk about, why do we need to care about who and how much is earning? Why do we need to care about those people who aren't playing the game right?

I don't mean of course that all whales are the same. We have a lot of good whales who are helping people be successful in steemit, including @dtube , it's also a whale. ☺ But if you see people earn good money on steemit, it doesn't mean they are doing something bad, that means they did something to get that earning !

I hope you understand my point and you will protect yourself by avoiding flag wars. Even if someone flags you for no reason, it's ok, don't flag him in return, let him know that you don't care about that and that nothing will stop you from reaching your goal. But it's better of corse not to mess with more powerful people.

Be cool, earn your steems, earn that little power that you have and be happy about that. ☺

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This video only played up to 20 seconds for me. You do have to be careful on Steemit. Overall though most of the whales seem pretty cool.

You can watch the video here, I am on steemit more than one year and I saw a lot of people ruined by whales because they wrote or said something bad about them, here is the video on youtube, you can watch it there as well :

Some people who comment negatively about whales get flagged by whales. So yeah, he should be careful.

Yeah. Thanks for the upvote. I'd upvote you but right now if I upvote your reply it doesn't count. (edit)

I heard about it, but I don't really know what it is so ... yeah. Might as well watch the video bobaphet made.

FYI there is a .02 earnings threshold. Posts below .02 do not get paid. I was only trying to helpful you and be able to upvote you. :( (edit)

Maybe you stop promoting a service on my page ? !

There are also @steemcleaners , don't let me contact them please ! I hope you will understand and remove that link !

Talking bad and negatively always falls back on you! That's a law, the law of resonance. If you emit negative energy in form of what you think, what you feel and what you say, it ALWAYS comes back on YOU! Simple, but true. That's why I not only stopped talking bad about others, but also stopped complaining about circumstances I don't like or people of whom most people think they are responsible for how thing are. By doing that (complaining) we give away our own responsible, we make ourselves victims instead of staying creators of our own infinite possibilities!
Thanks for sharing this great inspiration @clixmoney!

You are very welcome, thanks for the nice comment, I feel really happy when I see people really understand all that. ☺

Thanks for the information.

You are welcome. ☺

I couldn't agree more. "Mind your own business on Steemit" should be the mantra we repeat to ourselves when when see people gaming the system or getting into flag wars.

Good that we have people like you who understand that. ☺

Absolutely true, and afterall we don't wanna ruin our reputation...

Of course, I saw a lot of people ruined because of that, I hope more steemians will understand that and just be friendly with others. ☺

Saya akan selalu mendukung postingan anda.
karen postingan Anda selalu bermamfaat bagi pengguna steemit.
saya tunggu postingan selanjutnya.
Teruslah bermain dan bantulah sesama pengguna steemit.

Terima kasih banyak, saya menggunakan google translate untuk menerjemahkan ini, saya senang bahwa bahkan orang-orang dari indonesia mengomentari saya. ☺