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RE: Mixtape Is Complete!!!!! PreReleased To Steemit Exclusively!!! Get Your Copy Today!!!!!Accepting Steem and WeedCash Tokens!!!!

in #dtube2 years ago

This is so awesome that it is released the same time as DEC Dark Energy Crystals in Splinterlands!! I sent you the 45 Steem and also 1,000 DEC! These tokens are insane as you can use them to get potions which can give you up to a 100% increase in pulling a gold foil or legendary card! You can view them on If you ever have anyone that wants to play let me know, I will get a promo code starter set to them! I can't wait to hear your music!! Sounds NICE what I heard in the video here. Glad to see you back!


Thanks for supporting!!!! Email sent!!!!!