Psychic reveals: spirituality has never been about love, health and happiness.

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Click the above picture to watch the video here or click this sentence (Youtube); audio only.

All information in the video series is estimated to be of a higher spiritual quality than anything else available anywhere in the world, at the time and date that it was made publicly available. The information is also believed to be generally surprising and hair-curling to most people.

Due to time constraints and a limited budget the videos are essentially audio-only presentations.

The information is believed to be 75%-100% accurate, which makes it of vital importance; all material presented by clairvoyants and spiritual masters is considered to be misleading and inhuman by T. Gerner Larsen.

The ultimate goal is to motivate scientists and other technically inclined individuals to construct the world's first artificial clairvoyant, because it's potentially the silver bullet solution to a vast number of problems within humanity. Different donation options are available on the Youtube channel, but support via the Steemit platform is obviously also being welcomed.

The world currently doesn't know the true meaning of the concepts of spirituality and religion. Because the clairvoyants and spiritual masters understandably prefer that people know as little as possible about life in the universe. Totalitarian figures live and breathe that way. Psychic and novelist T. G. Larsen is trying to shed a light on these the darkest and most destructive of all living beings. Long term, most or all human beings will become an integrated part of this criminal empire that essentially owns the universe. So much for the beauty of the soul of ordinary human beings, the souls of clairvoyants, spiritual masters and gods...


Yes!! Spirituality is leaving behind the conscious SELF for the unconscious self of the Spirit. The Spirit is devoid of earthly Love, Health and Happiness!!

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