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RE: Earning Money With Bitcoin Mining And Marketing

in #dtube4 years ago

Bitclub is a scam. THEY GIVE NO ROI on your investment! It will take a long time before you even BEAK EVEN. I did mining personally 3 years ago. I broke even with the cost of my machines within 4 to 5 months. I promise you it will take much longer with BitClub. The only people who make good money are the manufacturers of the servers. I had to buy 25% more machines every four months JUST to keep up with the difficulty level. TRUST ME it isn't easy. Bitclub will charge you electricity , maintenance, and re-buys. That's why he doesn't give you a ROI. I suspect it will take you a years just to break even or more with your initial investment. My mining conclusion was to simply invest and buy bitcoin and DON'T DO MINING unless you have a couple 100 thousand laying around, have access to cheap electricity, AND DO IT YOURSELF. Don't get caught up with this nonsense.


Not true. Just with the mining it'll take less than 9 months to reach ROI, then you have over 600 days left to mine. I have proof, as I've been involved for about 4 months.

Involved for only 4 months and you claim you will reach ROI in 9 months. Your speculating because obviously you haven't reached it yet. Reach it first yourself then show us the physical proof.