Welcome back to Steem.

Welcome back! I like to watch your video!

"Attack it with magic."

I fucking love that. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, but I love the way you just put it. Proof of stake is magic. Fuck yeah.

I agree. DTube feels way more real and chill than YouTube. It feels like the way YouTube used to feel. YouTube has its place, and I love the content on there, but I'm glad that DTube is emerging in its own right. I'm down with where this is all heading. Glad to see you're posting again. Welcome back, @craig-grant.


Oh wow we both made car vlogs yesterday. Gemi flow on point still

What up T im tryin to get to ur level if you ever wana mentor someone im willing to learn anyway stay up my g keep doing your thing.


I like what you said about Steem being like mining, that's how I play this. It is a commitment I make daily to mine crypto through the work I put into creating good content on this platform.

A whole new proof of work mining system. Steem 2018!

You are settling on a decent choice
I'm anticipating our next post

Welcome back. It is been a while. You are right, most of us will hold STEEM.

nice to be see you regular here and also with dtube daily it is really a good and wonderfull experience on with dtube as compare to youtube and today talk on steem sure your start with regular come here
craig-grant is always best and we will wait your crypto opinions always

Hye @craig-grant, thanks for the video. I am also fascinated of the Steem blockchain. It's so different how new Steems are mined from other cryptos and it's amazing. It makes individuals to create something valuable from their minds that earn new Steem for them. This concept is so genius that I can't even describe its goodness with words. I am new to DTube as well and I liked making vlogs so much.

Good video Craig! Upvoted and followed. I really like DTube. It is like the wild wild west of the Youtube Platform. Everything just seems so much better over here. I have over 30k subs on youtube but I wish we could all just jump over here and forget about Youtube. All the people who spend all day long on Youtube could be over here getting paid to comment. Some of my subs make really good comments and they would get upvoted over here. We all have bills to pay.

You are totaly right! Great info! Steem to the moon!!!

STEEM price in 2018 , if it goes simple 20 times , it might cross $100.
$20 is at the door now.

D tube is a very good platform. I am thinking of starting my own d tube channel soon. I think that there will be a lot of improvement in d tube. Currently there are some issues with it. Mainly the issues are related to bandwidth.

It is all about The FLOW Craig. We need the FLOW here on STEEMIT. Time to Power UP !!

Yeah man in terms of copyright and such on Dtube you're right, it's censorship free! However be wary because any company could pursue you especially if they see you making a killing off of your videos haha!

Nice to see you back man, smooth video!

@dlive another live video channel on steem blockchain. Steem is unstoppable.

This is great craig! Thanks man for always being real for the community of followers you have! I hope to one day be able to have about half as much passive and diversified income like you do bro! Keep inspiring and blessing! Thanks

Don't get a selfie stick, get a gorillapod-style tripod with a Reticam phone mount. I use the Reticam with a Gorillapod Focus.

I wouldn't have known anything about Dtube if it wasn't for you bro! Talk about a great Sponsor. You're always making sure we're informed thanks man.

Really liking DTube way better than the other tube 😎
Thank you Craig !

Steemit community is growing faster thanks for your video it is really great ...

So funny this trend of vlogging in your cars
=> not only is a way to make something useful out of your driving but it also teaches us more about the power of STEEM . Thanks again man !

Glad DTube is working so well now :) finally getting my vids uploaded! #blockchain #video #upload #power #ipfs

@craig-grant Better equipment = better results. Check out amazon. Your one stop shop for all those gadgets. Best wishes. - @splendorhub

I thought i missed someone here on Steemit!
Welcome back!

Nice to have you back! DTube is awesome, it will not take off any of your music for copyright.

Wonders shall never end, so what's special about that?

Yes it is better with a stick . Thats a interesting Vlog , I loved it.

yes dTube is the future as crypto is ..
i'm also thinking to shift to d-tube from youtube and by watching your video i have decided ..
thanks for such a great information <3

Awesome, I really love it, what you said about Steemit being like mining, that's how will be played. It is a commitment, I always try to put into writing good content on this platform.

A whole new proof of work mining system. Steem 2018!

Wooo!!! Back again! Good to see you here once more!

Very good video..i like

Just watch your Ig story. I didn't know Dtube existed definitley gonna double upload.

what mic are you using btw?

Welcome back to Steem / Dtube... great video in the flow.

Enjoyed yr #Video ♦♦ That was amusing, when you accidentally went too far.

But you rolled with it . Appreciate what u said as to quality #content, & mining that way

Steemit rocks!!

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I think that STEEM and dtube will become the new youtube!

Completely awesome than youtube. This will be the NextGen platform.

Ohh, Craig is back! Haven't seen you post for a while... Welcome back :)

Edit: Lol just checked and realized I missed out on 2 of your posts already...

This is my first post just joined steemit. Peace.

well it is good to talk on steem comunity not steemit and today you look more smart in this blue @craig and also a cool song hope you enjoyed it

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