TRAIN WITH ME:NO MACHINES/Insane Leg Workout!Feel The Burn!

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   It`s not every day that I decide to completely kill my legs but today was the day:))and for this special occasion I even got my tank top with this skulls to be in tune with the death of my legs.The idea behind this workout is quite simple,I choose exercises that I know will burn and will get my heart rate up and put them in a giant set to maximize effort.Each set I increase the execution time for each exercise so that until the end of the 3 sets my legs are shacking.

  If you followed my other workouts you probably noticed that each and everyone is different,and the reason for this is that I like to try new thinks and to challenge myself as much as possible.I combine and apply different training techniques for every workout to be something that surprises my body and not become a routine.

   For this workout you will need a GymBoss (like I have) or your phone to time your exercises.


GIANT SET 1  (3 sets) 30/35/40 sec(increase execution time with 5 sec for each set,I doesn`t seem much but I guarentee you that you`ll feel it) Take 1 min breaks between sets.

  • Dumbell Squat into  Deadlift Combo 
  • Dumbell Squat into Deep Lunge on steps
  • Squat into Alternating Lateral Raise with band
  • Double Pulse Squat on step/Jumping Lunge to switch legs

GIANT SET  2 ( 3 sets) 30/35/45 sec As the above!!

  • Dumbell Sumo Squat
  • Alternating Step-ups with dumbells
  • Jump Squats Combo on steps 
  • Dumbell Lunge Twist 

Glute Finisher (4 sets) 

  • Cable Kickbacks 15 reps/leg 


    Watch the DTube video by clicking the picture above to see how the exercises are done,probably some of them seem confusing when you read the workout plan!


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