TRAIN WITH ME: Legs,Shoulders and Abs video and workout plan!

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          I have a new workout for you,guys,and I hope this will help you start your fitness journey or,if you already train,will give you some new ideas for your training sessions.

      I did 2 circuits today for my legs,shoulders and abs and some cardio after because lately I`m in love with this kind of workouts,and I hope you love them too.What you need for this workout is a bench and dumbbells.

    You will see in the video that I do my ab exercises on the bench and the reason for this is, because when you are on the bench you require much more stability and balance,so your abs will take that extra tension and you will feel it even better in your abs.

                                                                                   THE WORKOUT  

Circuit I - 4 rounds                                                                             

  •  Alternate back lunge with a twist 20 reps(10 each side)
  •  Standing alternative shouder press 30 reps(15 each arm)
  •  Side-to-side step over bench 15 reps(each leg)
  •  Goblet squat  15 reps           

Circuit II - 4 rounds

  • Side lunge with front raise 20 reps(10 each leg)
  • Bicycle crunches on the bench 40 reps(20 each side)
  • Shoulder lateral raise 15 reps
  • Twisting crunch on the bench 20 reps    

   Before you get started I want to tell about the FITBOOK,an amazing tool that you can have, to help you get more organized with your workouts.Writing your workout plan down can help you be more organized when you get to the gym by knowing exactly what you have to do and you can keep your progress in writing so you can see how much you evolve over time.

   I`m from Romania and you can`t find this in my country,so before I got my hands on this beautie I used to write everything in a normal notebook.


Thank you for taking your time and read my post!                                                                                                        




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Extraordinary Workout series, to work the whole body, you're super strong

It was indeed,my whole body is sore:)

One day I would like to do a fitness challenge combined with my training series and their series of what trains would be great

I love challenges,let me know when you do it and I’m in:)

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