Great stuff! Thinking about starting making videos on dtube.

Dem top comment hijacks, lol

Nice meta meta ing @cryptoctopus long time no read, I need to follow you more and give you shoutout and feature you in my next bogs I wt all my followers to be following th progress of you and @jesta oh I bet theres a Steem Browser being planned I can just feel it in he air!
so meta! I love meta programming my brain on DXM :D from robo tripping to steem blockchain dissociation ad freestyle word salad typing! Now to the more relevant topics at hand!

And also Dtube has embedded Video now on so it shows up in the post and even has a preview player in the thumbnail ON no need to actually click to a new window like on steem, eventually I know steem will "trust" dtube enough to allow the to have embedded video players on steemit as well!

Yes Dtube will become the mos revlevant Steem Dapp in 2018, Kids will straight up be doing the DAPP fuck the Dab they're going to be DAPPINg this year!

and also steepshot will acquire many new features like Snapshat and iNstagram, I'm talking 3d filters and video editing software built in for special effects and LIVE streaming mode,, ohhh yeah we will have Steepshot STORIES just like Instagram and Snapschat!

That'll be amazing :) I'm overtaken by hope every time I envision the grand future that awaits the Steem blockchain ecosystem. I really want all of this to grow magnificently like a beautiful rainbow flower toward the sky.

We only activated SEO for video pages at the moment, which represent a large % of our total pages.

We plan to get channel pages, and our homepage indexed correctly soon as well ;)

Can we bring back 5 star rating system like Youtube had?

Hey I was talking to @elgeko and @fyrstikken on about this and elgeko asked why can't just have he OLD Youtube 5 star rating system! People loved that system and we might get some serious competitive advantage bringing back all the stuff Youtube doesn't have anymore that people miss!

But how would that be compatible with the Steem vote system? If you set 5 stars, it votes it up? But what if someoen doesn't want to vote but wants to rate? What if they, by rating, forget that they can vote it too? What if by rating it, they feel like they've done enough to support the author and leave?

I know this post is old but what if the rating of stars indicated vote weight?

Then you would be upvoting something with 20% that you deem worthy of 1 star? I wouldn't want to give an upvote for that, or even a flag sometimes. I'd just leave it alone and let it die in peace.

Not necessarily. The stars don't have to be exactly 20% each. You could make 1 star 10%, 2 stars 25%, 3 stars 50%, 4 stars 75% and 5 stars 100% and then you could also include the option for a slider scale that would do a rounding estimate of all the votes (both sliding votes and stars) and display the mean rating in stars. So that would allow people to be specific with their votes, but also allow for a quick way for people to judge if they should watch the video based on the stars.

I personally think people should flag more often and not get offended by them. To me a flag means I'm not doing the best I could be and I didn't reach my potential with the post.

2 separate systems stars any one can use and voting for steem users only

Or maybe stars could be attached to the blockchain somehow. As you know, all posts have a lot of JSON information that says which app was used for posting, who the beneficiaries of the post are, etc.

Each comment could have a rating attached as a JSON format, so it would say {"client": "DTube", "is_review": true, "stars": 5}, but this would promote lower quality comments and I think that we have quite enough of those already.

yes fix the unknown errors for video uploads please, and thanks. Good work you guys are doing so far by the way.

I keep getting them for 5 uploads in a row and I have a 256 Kbps upload, such a pain....

Exactly :) Lovely updates and all, but the bugs are still there at the time of upload.

yep we have waited long enough, time for this bug to be fixed.

OMG Your Profile Pic is the dog from Rick and Morty :D

Mine is the dog from me. Well, like, it is me.

I also like Rick and Morty.

Fake dog, didn't woof.

Error 404: Cat avy not found.

Too many things which D.Tube should already be if it wants to be the YT killer.
Planning to do such a simple thing and the slow roll out of other simple things is a death sentence.
See, I DO like what represents.
But it's no where near where it should be.. specially when it valiantly attempts to sell itself as a giant killer. Belief is good. Delusion is dangerous.

Either simply be and be what you can be and grow.
Or end the attempt to lure others as the alternative. Many see the truth and that then actually hurts your image/product and future. Even die hards within this system acknowledge this.

YT is never going to die let all be honest, if you try you to YT you will fail BADLY, So I think DTube should be a competitor not a YT Killer, Source YT is owned by Google, Google not going anywhere anytime soon.

I made a living from youtube when I was 15. There is a small change that you don't fail...

while using google autocomplete :


@carrioner seems like most active steem/dlive/dtube promoter :)

As I do most things on the go and have been terminated from YouTube, I so look forward to transitioning over to DTube - but can’t upload from mobile. I can’t wait to be able to do this!!! Way to go on this project. We will be sharing it on our radio show RTR TRUTH MEDIA

Exciting times we live in and with the growth of the platform more users are merging over from other platforms here thanks heaps