ORBS VS BETA PACKS - Which one is better when using potions?

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Check out my entire collection here:

Thanks for @rafalski for his/her comment

It's taking ages to open :D but fun
Open the rest, and the tip - potions are more profitable on orb packs than beta (one user made calculations and orbs > beta > rewards)

Steem Monsters Stats for: @cryptoctopus

Number of cards: 3101 - Alpha: 2617 - Beta: 335 - Promo: 145 - Reward: 4
Common: 1896, Rare: 1117, Epic: 54, Legendary: 34

Gold cards: 70 ## BCX: 23039 ## Value: $ 8960.59

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Im all for orb packs at the moment I just want to complete my collection already

Your collection is pretty impressive!

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Orbs seem to have the highest card values per Pack and the variety of cards is not so high compared to Beta Packs. This is great if you are looking to complete your Deck wirh the new cards from Wind of change.

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Orbs for sure there are less packs of them so expect them in pretty high demand soon. They do pack some serious punch in quality cards love using them in battles.

Only Orbs! Feel like hunter hunting!😀 Good luck!

I'd rather open orbs, but because orbs are more expensive i stick to Beta packs.

Quantity > quality

Orbs will probably get more expensive, because they have a fixed 2500 DEC price. With the upcoming Guild System, with tons of new DEC sinks promised, DEC itself will likely rise in value, pulling up ALL cards bottom prices and making Orbs accordingly more expensive.

The question is, how valuable are the cards from the Winds of Change collection, that we currently get for Orbs?

I do believe that the Winds of Change collection brings a massive value to the gameplay. They have introduced various new abilities and changed the meta we played on the highest level. But will they stay relevant with further cards introduced?

And will we see other orbs before the collection is sold out, that we can purchase in parallel to the first edition, diluting the purchasing power even more and hence increase the cards value?

In regards to Beta cards, they contain some of the best cards in the game, like the five legendary summoners. Their market value is much higher than most other cards. But picking one of the five summoners is not easy, as there are plenty of other legendary cards among the beta collection.

I guess, a healthy mix of Beta and Orbs will bring the greatest joy due to more variety of cards.

@cryptoctopus Those are some nice stats/collection you have. Did you end up finding a seller for that one missing GFL in your collection ? (I remember your post a week back looking to purchase the GFL Lightening dragon).

Orbs are likely the better "deal" because they can be purchased with in game currency that can be attained for free. Personally I'm holding all my DEC so I haven't purchased or opened a single ORB yet but its very tempting to buy some.