Why I Believe In Manual Curation Efforts And The Personal Touch Of Engagement!!!

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So I have many people to thank for my own success here on Steem. There are hidden curators such as @redes and a few others, their work is deeply appreciated by myself. Without our curators searching out that valuable content many people would be overlooked!

Yesterday a simple comment from @DTube made my day! The whole reason I believe in manual curation support combined with personal engagement is based on how I feel when receiving these comments. From @Partiko it encouraged me to push for partnership and with @DTube it pushes me to continue forward with @OneLoveDTube.

The added personal touch of feedback from a community account has drastic effects on how someone feels appreciation for their creations. This is why #OneLoveDTube has included the feature in our curation system so our curators may leave comments using @onelovecuration.

Think of it this way, as a newbie being overlooked. I have never received support for my creations, the only accounts that comment are bots and all I can see is posts making $50+ in trending. Then out of the blue I have had a community of 100+ votes support my work and leave personal feedback through their community account, would you not feel encouraged also!?!

Thank You @DTube your comment made my day and it is good to know the team values my efforts as I value yours!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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I really feel proud of being part of @onelovedtube curation team. My thank you is not enough for you guys i know. You guys do so much for @dtube and for community.

We are definitely proud to have you along with everyone else!

So proud we have so many of @Nathanmars favourites in our curation team empowering those helping to push all of DTube and Steem forward into mainstream!

Each person has a niche, a preference in content they choose to consume. From collaborative talks to vlogs then art or creative pieces and now the Spanish community, we have nearly everything covered. Last bit I’m thinking is music we could use a curator such as @greencross or @toddjsmith1989 😘

If you ever have any suggestions @priyanarc on where this is going please feel free to speak up. You are an essential part of this team and your thoughts will be heard and felt out 👍

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Actually this comment only can also make my day

Thus the reason I share 🥰 I hope it makes everyone’s day!

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Uhh ohh what did you do to deserve down votes?

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Actually i am also confused. How can you help.me out there. My post are of quality and not spamming. My comments also are not spamming and always relate to the post i am commsnting so i am also confused right now. How can it be solved

Alright well if you look up the account profile they have a discord to bring any grievances, my first question would be did you receive any messages in wallet or comments announcing any reason for the flags?

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Thanks. I have just been able to resolve it in their discord server. Thank you very much for your concern man. I really appreciate

Good to hear my friend, was it a mistake?

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Yes. It was just a minor issue that i was able to resolve

Yes. It was just a
Minor issue that i was
Able to resolve

                 - adenijiadeshina

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good to hear 👍

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First you only had bots? I seldom have bots, is that a bad sign?

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The bots were more prevalent before you got here, @wakeupkitty. When someone comments on your post to ask you to join something else, this is likely a bot. The less, the better really. But some dapps and programs here do leave automated comments since they do so many. Like minnowsupport if they upvote you, for example.

It is better to have real people commenting on your posts. But that is hard to come by for smaller and newer accounts.

I agree the real person engagement is definitely preferable to automated but I still engage those automated comments as my way of appreciating the developer of the code and whom ever may be behind initiative.

Bots have a place here I’m just glad to see many of the spammy ones die off with the RC limits

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I thank the bots about 10% of the time - especially trufflepig, but I often feel strange for doing it :)

I also stack those partiko points by doing it 😎 remember your talking to the developers not the bot itself since it cannot reply if you happen to get one it’s definitely from whom ever is behind the scenes 😅

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Partiko is beyond my abilities with the phone. But my son @bxlphabet just did his first post with it, so I hope he will start using it now. Do you think the developers read bot replies? Maybe I will do more if so :)

I know @arcange reads replies to @steemitboard he has responded a few times, he cannot be the only one 😉 I bet I’m on the verge of being annoying 🤣

Good job 💪 @bxlphabet seen you out there hustlin, Partiko is an essential part of it for me!

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Ahaha no that was like a thought experiment, didn’t phrase it well enough I suppose.

Looking from the perspective of a newbie that only get bot comments is what I meant but yeah when I started there were only really bots reply to me 😅

Bad no but discouraging for creation yes, I craved the engagement but couldn’t find it unless commenting on others works. Honestly it all lead to my move into being that curator and engager that I desired to look in on my works, put forth what you wish to receive!

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You are reaching the milestone in your steemit life.

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Well said Sir.. Let us be positive and for me it helps me away from stress and improved myself.

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Exactly free yourself from the negative with embracing the positive 🥰

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Thanks hun, so much success I’m proud to be able to funnel it back into the #OneLoveDTube community!

We Will Get There Together!

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I loved Steemians who help the blockchain grow as well as the people.

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It is the only way, no one will be left behind unless they choose to be!

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manual curation FTW well done @d00k13

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Thanks buddy, we are doing dang well for just the beginning 😍

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Thank you so much for being an awesome Partiko Partner! You have received a 100% upvote as benefit. Together, let’s change the world!

Always appreciated ❤️

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You are reaching the milestone in your steemit life.

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That I am 💪

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